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Posted: 2008-09-22 18:44:00   

Hello everybody,

after months of development GLOBOsapiens groups have finally arrived! So... what has changed?

- All available forums have been converted into GLOBO groups
- You can now create new groups on the fly?
- Moderators can restrict access to the groups in various ways
- Moderators can restrict joining in various ways
- You have to be a group member to be able to post
- Group members have multiple notification possibilities
- Groups are listed in the same style as everything else on GLOBO
- Each group has a group picture
- Group activities are inside a feed within the group, like member profiles
- Spell checker in every text field
- RSS - feeds of the group activities available
- invitation functionality for the group
- Access restrictions available like "invitation only"
- Group membership is noted in the profile pages
- Detailed description possibilities for the groups
- Sorting and searching of groups available
- Moderators can assign co-moderators on their own
- Many small changes and improvements

The moderators of the groups will get them in shape within the next days. We already have some mods for many groups, but we need moderators for following groups:

- Asia
- South America
- Backpacking
- Literature
- Bargains
- General Travel Advice
- Travel Partners
- Internship
- Open Board
- Travel Photography

There are already moderators assigned to those groups, but it would be better, if each member can only hold one old group moderation status. This way he/she could concentrate on it and maybe open a new individual group?!

Please send a short not to me, if you would like to moderate one of those groups.

Have fun!

Best regards,


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