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Buoyancy Control while Photographing

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Posted: 2008-10-01 23:45:00   

I have an issue with Buoyancy Control while taking pictures. I always make my first dive in a new location without a camera so that I can get acclimated without that distraction. Invariably, that is when we see a school of squid or the largest eel ever.

I'll take my camera down on the next dive and I find a struggle a little bit with staying level and have some difficulty staying put while focusing. What do you do to maintain Buoyancy Control while snapping pictures?

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Posted: 2011-01-24 10:37:00   


I always struggle with this as well. (still) Especially with the small cameras of these days, you dont have the momentum and weight advantage. balance and Buoyency remains an issue, even after 10 years.

I have done my Peak Performance Buoyency training, and it helped.

Since 4 years I have my own winged BCD and that made live much easier, as I now am quite stable.

Whenever I get the chance I also try to steady myself to something non living...

Besides that, I dont use exposure times < 1/80 wich is quit hard, as I dont like to flash either. Now thinking of buying a new lamp, Used to rent a Halogen Magnum 35W lamp... great for taking pix. The current LED lamps suck, in my view, as they turn out too much blue and hardly any red.

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