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Welcome, Selamat Datang, Bienvenue, Herzlich Willkommen! Feel free to leave messages in this guestbook...

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Joined: Aug 04
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Up the mountain

Posted: 2005-04-26 01:25 PM   

I really enjoyed viewing your lastest slideshow, the prints are very picturesque.



Joined: Mar 05
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Posted: 2005-04-26 06:39 AM   
I dont speak it very well, i know words but not able to have a conversation. My wife is Malay and my Son was born there.



Joined: Aug 04
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Beautiful Suhadi

Posted: 2005-04-24 12:53 AM   
...EVERY single one of your currently 100 uploaded pictures is art with in its self! They are of such a pleasure to observe and enjoy that you may not know yet ...


Joined: Dec 04
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Hi, Suhadi

Posted: 2005-04-17 03:56 PM   
Thak you for all these details about Singapore. What you say of the languages spoken in Singapore reminds me more of the prevailing situation in French New Caledonia than in Tahiti, because unlike Tahiti where there is quite only one vernacular language, there are plenty in New Caledonia where French has the status of vehicular language, that is the only language in which all the New Caledonians may understant one another whatever the region they are from. And these people do speak French much better than Tahitians .

No suhadi, I have never been to either Malaysia or Singapore and I'd like to spend some holiday there as soon as I can.

Excuse-moi, Suhadi, mais je m'aperçois que je t'écris en anglais alors que tu souhaitais que je le fasse en français. Effectivement, ce qui prévaut en Polynésie Française, c'est le bilinguisme, alors qu'en Nouvelle Calédonie règne le multilinguisme, donc quelque chose qui doit ressembler à ce qui se passe à Singapour


Joined: Dec 04
Points: 7304

Suhadi, you write French better than my pupils inTahiti

Posted: 2005-04-16 03:02 PM   
Suhadi, your French is excellent even though you are less than 30. In Frebch Polynesia, there are two official languages, French and Tahitian. There is creole unlike in the French Antilles or in the Reunion. I suppose that the situation here may be compared to that of Malaysia where English and Malay are spoken. Tell me if I am wrong. The major problem we are facing here is that people do not perform very well either in French or in Tahitian and this induces lots of difficulties in the learning of foreign languages.

En tout cas, Suhadi, je vous dis encore bravo pour votre français!

Au revoir



Joined: Dec 04
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Hi, Suhadi my friend

Posted: 2005-04-16 08:49 AM   
I love the pictures you made of my homeland capital City, Paris. Comme je sais que le français est une de vos langues, c'est en français que je veux vous féliciter de ces excellentes photos notées *****. Mais je trouve la photo 12 apostles (Australie du sud) magnifique également.

Cheers Suhadi


Joined: Jul 04
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hi suhadi

Posted: 2005-04-16 05:00 AM   
You r right about the place of my pics.

This time supose to be my vacation.Unfortunately,my friends will leave when i gonna be there.


Joined: Jul 04
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i will be in Singapore soon.

Posted: 2005-04-14 11:50 PM   
i like your Photoes.

Same place i took in Sing but diferent feeling ....i will share mine someday.

Thump up!



Joined: Apr 04
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Hi Suhadi

Posted: 2005-03-30 05:41 PM   
Hi and thanks very much for your praise. I was in Thailand for three weeks and then went off to Guilin in China for a few days!

I am currently writing a report about Thailands west tsunami coast and that should be online any day now.

I took loads of pictures on this trip so will have loads to bore everyone with.

Cheers Brit


Joined: Nov 03
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Hello Suhadi :)

Posted: 2005-03-30 07:39 AM   
Nice to hear from you! How are things in SG?
I am glad you liked the Calella pictures! The place is actually so beautiful. It is situated north of Barcelona, on the coast (Costa Brava), near Girona. If you get the chance to visit this area, don't miss the place!

Keep in touch and keep up the good work!
Rgds, Neda

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