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Suhadi's Guest Book

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Welcome, Selamat Datang, Bienvenue, Herzlich Willkommen! Feel free to leave messages in this guestbook...

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Joined: Aug 04
Points: 34267

Magnifique Suhadi

Posted: 2005-06-27 07:49 AM   
I love your "Jardin des Plants" and a lot of your other pictures. You are one of our best photographers!


Joined: Dec 02
Points: 1527

Bonjour Suhadi,

Posted: 2005-06-23 07:18 PM   
Salzburg was probably the most beautiful city that I had the chance to visit. You won’t regret your stay that’s for sure. You might be interested in the “Salzburg Card” which give you access to a whole lot of museum, church, castle, tour, etc. We did save a whole lot this way.

The mountains are unbelievable and the city is lovely. The only con, the food was a bit expensive, but it doesn’t matter!!!

The pictures are coming; I just need the time to upload them…probably in a few days. In the mean times, you can check the pictures of spaceout they are great!



Joined: Jun 05
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Posted: 2005-06-23 08:06 AM   
Suhadi when i was little and I study in my village's school mostly I have seen and enjoied but now i am in town so when I go to village I see these.
Any way thank you for questioning,
have a nice time.


Joined: Dec 02
Points: 1527

Hi Suhadis

Posted: 2005-06-22 01:44 PM   
I agree, we do seem to take our photo very much the same way. One as to be lucky sometimes with the weather to get great pictures for sure. Just came with my wife VK from Salzburg and Munich couple weeks ago.
The weather was cold and we got a lot of raining day, but everytimes the sun was coming up we took a whole lot of pictures too :)

Hopefully in the next 2 years i will visit France...the sooner the better ! When i see beautiful architecture in your pictures it's give me all the passion i need. You see in Canada it's a fairly new country and doesn't have too much History, so for us when we visit Europe it's such a treat for our eyes.

again thank you for your message




Joined: Nov 04
Points: 287

Gday Suhadi

Posted: 2005-06-22 01:59 AM   
I got lucky with the weather taking photos around New Zealand. We were praying for snow everyday but all we got was endless sunshine and blue skies... Good ingredients for photography but not for skiing!

I saw you had short stay down my neck of the woods... You got some top photos of the 12 apostles - it's a bit chilly in june / july, head back down to Melbourne around jan / feb and you'll want to sleep in the fridge.



Joined: Dec 02
Points: 1527

Hi Suhadi

Posted: 2005-06-20 12:04 PM   
I love your picture in France, can`t wait to see those beautiful architeture.




Joined: May 04
Points: 6895

Hi Suhadi!

Posted: 2005-06-17 01:35 AM   
Hi Suhadi,
Greetings from Kerala. I only browsed into your site just now. This is just to say hello. Shall come back to you after viewing your site soon. Take care and God Bless !
Kris Kandath


Joined: Oct 03
Points: 8654

A very fine eye for composition

Posted: 2005-06-04 11:56 AM   
Dear Suhadi,

Thanks very much for your comments about my Seville photos. It means very much to me, especially as you have such a fine eye for composition yourself, as your Paris photos demonstrate. It was fun to look at them, and remember the good times I had there.

I look forward to seeing more from you!

Thanks again,



Joined: Jun 03
Points: 1117

Le hameau ...

Posted: 2005-05-26 12:57 PM   
Hi Suhadi,

thank you very much for your comment on my report!
Yes, you are right: in english you say "The Queen's Hamlet", but in French it is "Le Hameau de la Reine". I try to use the local names for particular places in my reports because, in my opinion, they help to "enter" in the story... but also they help you to read the traffic-signs (sometimes there aren't english translations on them).

Luca :)


Joined: Aug 04
Points: 52256

La Tour Eiffel

Posted: 2005-05-11 03:26 PM   
Hey Suhadi,

The lastest picture you uploaded is lovely.

Good job.


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