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Rudolf's Travel log

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... always dreaming of meeting a new wife. She is somewhere in this world. I must find her!

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Mar 18, 2010 09:00 PM "Back in Action" haha :-(

In August I thought my disabilities and ailments were disappearing but I went through hell this winter and sometimes did not get outdoors for days! I changed my diet two weeks ago and now feel particularly well. ...

... or is it that because spring has arrived? :-)

Jan 19, 2010 09:00 PM Hosting travelling CouchSurfers

Hosting travelling CouchSurfers Our commune (WG) was fairly empty Dec-January so I joined and hosted some travelling students. I had 5 different guests who stayed between 1 and 15 nights. All of them were such a pleasure to have and to help feeling comfortable in a very wintery Munich. I recommend all GLOBOmembers to try CouchSurfing. It is not competitive community to us, rather COMPILMENTARY. I have enough references now and have even more contacts when I travel. There are 1,7 million members in 71 thousand cities, all travellers like us or tourists/backpackers/trampers, friends of us :-)

Nov 28, 2009 09:00 PM Visiting Petra in Mannheim

Visiting Petra in Mannheim I was called to an objective in Ludwigshafen at Mannheim so also got to meet Petra again. We looked around the city centre and Chritkindl markt, had a snack and coffee and a good chat in the little time there was. Petra is difficult to photograph but I did manage to snapshot us together eventually. I also stopped in Stuttgart to see old friends and got home so late on Sunday that my train ticket was not valid for anymore trains, only just made it in seconds jumping onto the last train which was an "ICE". Not having a valid ticket I was fined €60 :-( but it was cheaper that finding a hotel in Ulm :-)

Aug 21, 2009 06:00 PM Back in action & now planning Cyprus

Back in action & now planning Cyprus Hi again to all and thanks to those that left guesbook entries and PMs...

Back soon! I see I have quite some reading to do. If I keep up my record of rating every picture at GLOBO then I have a backlog of 68699-61185=7514 pictures! I'll look through the awards first, can anyone tell me what important activity/gossip/scandals at GLOBO there was since December?

My health has improved some what and it's time to travel again! My goal is to visit Cyprus in mid October. The cool dry climate will do me good but some historical exploring will be great, if cash allows, a blitz trip across to Israel for a few days.

I have set some info at and hope to get some company or at least tips.

I wonder if there are any Globies there that would host?
I'll give some a PM.....

Pictures: München Stachus on a hot day (by Pesu)

Feb 21, 2009 09:00 PM In Pain but Hope and Dreams are stronger!

In Pain but Hope and Dreams are stronger! Firstly thanks to all who left notes around Christmas and who have been asking about me. I really loved GLOBO but because I might never be able to travel again, have lost the interest. I also find myself so often in a bad mood particularly since I gave up smoking and drinking, lost my humour and lost the will to achieve much, fight pain all day long, every day of the week, month by month!

Doctors cannot do very much more than to prescribe a cocktail of common drugs against the "apparent" problems; irregular-heart-beat, hypertension, cholesterol, uric-acid, excessive water, polyneuropathy, balance-loss, depression, pain and itch. Mid-march I will know after re-measurements how fast my nerve cells are continuing to die off. Total numbness has spread from the toes to the knee and since mid-December the outer half of the hands too. Inside around the bones in the feet and hands a permanent fiery pain burns, sometimes flashing through the body like lightning bolts. This means I cannot do a lot of household things any more, cannot walk properly and cannot sit still for long.

Sorry to have to write this, I first thought best not at all but that would be like lying. I hope this changes, would love to sit in a bus for more than half an hour or plane again one day or even just visit the cinema..... makes me think, perhaps I should try a train trip?

Aug 14, 2008 06:00 PM Home for the Weekend

Home for the Weekend I'm able to take a break from my cure for this weekend and came home to do mainly book-keeping. The therapy and treatment for damages due to 30 years of too much endulgence is going well and I can manage some smaller day-trips to towns and targets around the eastern part of Bavaria.

I really miss and hope to do some more serious international travelling again as from November. Reading newly about it again, aiming to join some day!

I have not rated pictures at GLOBO since July 13th, hope to fly through the 1200 new images tomorrow.

Jul 12, 2008 06:00 PM Last Hearty Supper?

Last Hearty Supper? I enjoy cooking (good portions too) and all the "sweet" things in life!

But, aging has caught up with me and after 3 weeks in hospital for a burst ulcer, it was recommended I stay for another two weeks for "detoxification" too. My whole life had been one long party but I’m (my body) pretty weak now. I will next be going on a "retreat" to a rehabilitation centre somewhere deep in the Bavarian forests near Munich. The lodge was used in the mid 1800s by royalty for hunting trips and is now used for rehab, far from city bustle. A lot of outdoor activities and sport are scheduled, cultural day trips in the region too. The idea and aim is to free myself of all my bad habits, reduce my weight from 150kg to less than 110kg, get fit again and find inner peace.

That will take about 4 months. I will check into GLOBO sometimes but irregularly.

Mar 10, 2008 09:00 PM GLOBOnewletter

GLOBOnewletter I have put this screenshot up here for staff to see that my system has problems with the newsletter. I must click on the attachments to see the images!

I have no other problems with WinXP, broadband Internet, security and am updated. A problem with my provider T-Online perhaps?

Otherwise great to get monthly news and perhaps a yearly review should be posted to all, even sponsors and those listed under tips.

for discussion

Jan 25, 2008 09:00 PM Sulu Triangle?

Sulu Triangle? I like drawing maps to get a better idea of travel options and alternatives! Here is an example for such a "brain-drain":

My friend Wojtek is on the road and needs our desperate help to get him to Philippines from either Indonesia or Papau New Guinea via a difficult triangle, a distance not even 800km=500miles apart! It seems one must travel a long long way around a black-hole! Is this like the Bermuda Triangle? No flights, no ferries!

".... Sriwijaya Air newly suspended the only direct connection from eastern Indonesia to south Philippines..."

Sadly these four countries (I include Malaysia) do not yet work together while other countries unite! While China booms these countries are falling asleep?

Getting between these countries is not only a hazard but immense hurdles await both travellers and businessmen.

Jan 26, 2007 09:00 PM Removing UFOs from images

Removing UFOs from images To prepare pictures for the press, covers, posters or presentations photographers have always used various "touch-up" tools. This is not cheating but one of many processes of photography. An artist (painter or sculptor) also does touching up don't they?

We should all do our viewers a favour and improve our pictures if we can. This takes a few seconds and clicks of our time but is worth the small effort, easy when trained. I often adjust contrast and colour and specially after scanning prints must remove dust or unwanted stuff.

There are hundreds of computer programs that help with this. Most new digital cameras come with the suitable software to do this and are quite capable of all basic needs if one bothers to read all the tipps and features.

For advanced users, the top programs seem to be now: “Corel Photo-Draw” and "Adobe-Photoshop". They have test and free-trial versions too. I recommend one gets to use these, a simple of a brush, sponge or stamp helps improve a picture and may make the difference between a flop and award winnier!

The new young travellers are so lucky with digital photography now. I spent hundreds of hours scanning pictures in bad quality and trying hours to tough them up a bit that they are atleast a bit resonable to GLOBO....

I have often "removed" people like a whole group of people infront of:
or my late dear mother X2006 standing on the bank but only face still left reflected in the water at:

... photography is art! ...

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