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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Apr 19, 2018 12:00 AM Spring in London

Spring in London It is already not a spring, it is the summer! We docked in the morning in Tilbury port on the Thames River, 45 kms from London city. I started the day with 1,5 kms walk to the Tilbury town rly station. The Round trip ticket to London costs 12,10 pounds and the travel lasts 40 min. The end of the track is at Finchurch St station - some 400 m from the Tower of London. So I started my walk from the Tower, then there was St Paul Cathedral and Millenium Bridge... Long walk in the sun along the River to Westminster, then Parks and Buckingham Palace, where I enjoyed the parade (is it Commonwealth Day today?) Lunch in the park, then Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and Strand, Fleet Street back to St Paul and Tower... So it is possible dear backpackers to visit London without spending a penny. Well - if you want to see the museums and other attractions you will leave here the fortune. I visited them many years ago... Lucky me! :) But it was nice to see again well-known places in the sun!

Apr 18, 2018 12:00 AM Honfleur - France

Honfleur - France Yesterday in the warm and quiet evening we had a beautiful sailing down the Seine River. Sorry, so much industry was developed there that it is better to look only to the eastern bank. Then, as every day I was listening to the great classical music offered by Anna and Elina - both young ladies playing violin and piano are for me the highlight of this cruise.
Today is the sunny day and we are in the little port of Honfleur in France. Monet and other French painters were living here enjoying the landscape nd the views of the old and cozy fishing port. I took the relaxing walk through the old, cobbled streets enjoying the atmosphere of the province. It is worth to climb the hill overlooking Honfleur - Mont Jolie to see the panorama of the town and Seine river? There is also nice old chapel on the top.
Our cruise is coming to the end - tomorrow we will be in London and next day I will say goodbye to our junk ship...

Apr 17, 2018 12:00 AM Rouen France - after 46 years!

Rouen France - after 46 years! In the morning we sailed gently the Seine river to the port of Rouen -84 km from the open sea. Lovely sun here and temperature 14 deg Celsius. It is hard to believe, but I arrived here by Polish cargo ship 46 years ago, during my first travel to the West! It is good occasion to referesh my French :)
Rouen looks better now and is more clean. Famous Cathedral is restored and can impress every tourist. See the main front gateway on the picture. I took a walk through the old city - to the place where Jeanne d'Arc was burned...

Apr 16, 2018 12:00 AM Landings on the islands are cancelled

Landings on the islands are cancelled Our old ship - see picture - is very brave. Just today we experience rough sea in the morning. Our captain announced that due to the high waves (up to 6 m) our scheduled landings on the Scilly and Guernsey are cancelled - because there is no dock and they always deliver passengers to the island by tender. Safety first - they say, but we are not happy... Bad luck! Today we will be at sea and tomorrow the will take us to the French port of Rouen... In the evening we had a Buffet Magnifique with ice sculptures, a lot of carved fruits etc... Can you image that they charge extra fee if you want a cup of chot chocolate? Shame!

Apr 15, 2018 12:00 AM Cork in the rain - Ireland

Cork in the rain - Ireland The sea was very rough in the night. But at 10 am we entered the bay and soon docked in the port of Cobh where thousands of Irish emingants once boarded the ships going to America. Then suburban train took me for 10 euro RT to much bigger city of Cork. Cork is the second largest town in Irish Republic. From the Cork Kent station I was walking to the Catholic Cathedral of St Mary and Anna - beautiful interior there! Then I walked in the rain down to the river enjoying the views of many cozy, narrow streets. In the centre which is located on the other side of the river there are many pedestrian zones with colorful pubs and shops. More gray churches in this part of the city, fountain in the Parade and... closed tourist office. Shame - they are closed on Sunday. So I returned to the station just to recognize that abord the train they offer free internet! That's why I am able to send this message... Long live Irish Rail! :)

Apr 14, 2018 12:00 AM Belfast -we are in the Ulster!

Belfast -we are in the Ulster! The dock is far away from the city center so they offer free shuttle bus to the main square of Belfast. Gret city hall stands here and info office i in front of it. Free wi-fi, tons of brochures. I took a walk to the cathedral - they charge 5 pounds entry fee! Then Just in front f the tourist office I found the guy offering for 25 pounds an excursion to Giants Causeway. Let's go, on the ship they offer the same for 70 pounds!
The 6- hours excursion was great - mostly because the good weather on the coast. We visited on the way Bushmill wiskey destillery, but the highlight wad Griant's Causeway - the UNESCO World Heritage Site -see the pictures in my gallery...

Apr 13, 2018 12:00 AM Glasgow - Scotland

Glasgow - Scotland It is because it is Friday 13th... It was cloudy in the morning when we docked in The port of Greenock - close to Glasgow. When we get ashore it was already raining. Greenrock on the Clyde river mouth is famous for the convoys formed herd during WW2. Not much to do, so I went to the bus station in the city center to jump on the bus 906 departing to Glasgow - return off-peak ticket cost just 5,75 pounds ant the trip takes 45 minutes.
Glasgow is a huge town and, I am sorry to say that -it is not nice. But it is definitely worth to visit here gotic St Mungo's cathedral. It consists in fact of 3 churches: back, fotward and lower one where the tomb of the saint is located. You will see there great glass works in the windows. Entry is free. I took also the walk to Clyde River and then I crossed the centre of the city to George Square. The rain stopped! A lot of traffic in the center, but they have nice pedestrian zones in Buchanan and Argyle streets. In the afternoon I returned to the ship. Tomorrow we shoul be in the Northern Ireland...

Apr 12, 2018 12:00 AM Tobermory - from the fairy tale...

Tobermory - from the fairy tale... We are in the North of Scotland. Imagine hilly island Mull partly covered by forests and a little town in the bay with a line of colorful houses, churches (one of them is converted into cafe) and small fishing boats. This is Tobermory... where the pictures to the children movieswere taken. The sun is shining and spirng flowers are already in blossom. Great place! I took a long walk by the coastal path to the distant, picturesque lighthouse. On the way back we climbed the hill for the better views of the sound. Then lunch in the town and another long walk to the waterfalls. Great place, great day!

Apr 11, 2018 12:00 AM Shetlands - northernmost British Islands

Shetlands - northernmost British Islands It was swinging in the night, but the weather was nice when we reached Lerwick - the capital of Shetland Islands in the morning. Do you remember? Years ago I landed on the South Shetland islands in Antarctica! But here I am for the first time. Lerwick is little (7,500 people) town, but is is very atmospheric with its narrow streets and stone houses, There is Fort Charlotte with old cannons to visit and some small churches. Shetlands are famous for the wool products - they have plenty of black sheeps here. Many small fishing boats in the port, nice people - I took a long walk around. In the middle of the day lovely sun appeared. It the tourist office very few visitors - this place is far from the beaten track! In the night we are turning south -to the Atlantic - it will be warmer and warmer each day, I believe. Greetings from the norther tip of Britain!

Apr 10, 2018 12:00 AM The Orkney Islands

The Orkney Islands Cloudy morning, only 6 deg Celsius. We dock in Kirkwall - the capital of the Orkney Islands. Strange place. Islands are flat, without any forest...
It is 4 kms ftom the cruise dock tp the little town. Local authorities offer free shuttle bus... The ship offers island excursions for around 50 pounds. Let's you know that you can see the same for 12 pounds using the bus T11 starting at 10 am from the city bus station. That's what I did!
Tha main attraction on the island is Skara Brae - the stone settlement 4500 years old. Impressive stone Ring of Brodgar - ceremonial site is also worth to see. In the afternoon I visited the capital of the island with huge cathedral of St Magnus and Ruins of Bishop's palace...
The Scapa Flow - big bay, once the huge base of the British fleet is completely empty now - only 2 oil platforms and one tanker there....

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