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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Jul 16, 2018 12:00 AM Giving lectures in Warsaw

Giving lectures in Warsaw I was forced to leave my blooming Wojtkowka for the short time and go to Warsaw, invited by the Businessmen's Travellers Club to give a lectures and slide-shows about my travelling to the seven continents. It was also good opportunity to offer to the audience my book. Everybody was happy - me too, because I gain extra money for my next voyage :)

Jun 19, 2018 12:00 AM In Kaliningrad again...

In Kaliningrad again... It is only 4 hours by bus from Gdansk. I came here to arrange my next voyage to Russia. Because in Russia it is not possible to arrange everything online :) I have nice weather, local ladies are worth to enjoy and the things go well...
Kaliningrad is hosting FIFA World Cup - the city is nicely decorated, there are volunteers on the squares and imposing fan zone. But the holes in the streets and sidewalks remained :) It is also very difficult to find a public toilets.

Jun 03, 2018 12:00 AM Travellers are welcome to my Wojtkowka

Travellers are welcome to my Wojtkowka Summer arrived already to my garden. Flowers are in blossom and there are fresh vegetables to enjoy. I have a lot of work on the beds, but I like it! First travellers already announced their arrival.
Dear friends of GS - you are welcome, like every year to come for the cup of tea, fresh berries and the travel stories to my summer cottage! I will stay there till mid-August. It is walking distance from Gdansk airport and direct city bus from Gdansk railway station... See you in Gdansk!

Jun 01, 2018 12:00 AM Sofia to Athens to Gdansk

Sofia to Athens to Gdansk What I like most in today's Sofia? The beautiful and working fountains! They are in many places in the center of the city, but probably the nicest one is in front of The Palace of the Culture.
I took a walk there yesterday in the evening enjoying also the lazy atmosphere of Boulevard Vitosha with many street cafes and restaurants.
Today I am flying back home. First Sofia to Athens on Wizz - the flight was one hour delayed, but Athens airport is so good organized that I was still on time at the gate for the second flight : Ryanair Athens to Gdansk. Ryanair plane was more comfortable, offering more space for legs even in lower class.
Well... Another short, but interesting voyage is completed! Let's think about the next one! :)

May 31, 2018 12:00 AM Hot day in Sofia

Hot day in Sofia Sofia is very compact - easy to walk along the main axis starting at central railway station and going up - through the Marie Louise and Vitosha Boulevards... In the middle you can turn left to Alexander Levski and University.
It is also bit strange: they built nice metro, but you cannot buy tickets paying by credit card. The huge Alexander Nevsky orthodox church was built to honor 200000 Rusians felt in the Russian-Turkish war. They liberated Bulgaria... Entry is free, interior is a bit disappointing: dark and not as rich as Russian orthodox churches are. To feel more authentic atmosphere go to Sveta Nedela cathedral, where Bulgarians are coming to light the candles and to pray...
Wine is good and cheaper thanin Romania: 1,5 l of cabernet will cost like 2 euro. It is also worth to try Kiselo mlyako - thick Bulgarian yoghurt - 0,5 l pack costs quarter of euro...
I am enjoying nice weather, walking the parks, taking pictures of the fountains and the monuments. Tomorrow itwillbe the tim to say goodbye o Sofia...

May 30, 2018 12:00 AM A long way to Sofia...

A long way to Sofia... The beautiful dawn was on the eastern sky when I was marching 3 kms to the Brasov station. Romanans still sleep at 5.30 am and I did not see any bus on the street. The train to Bucharest departed on time and after 2,5 hours I disembarked at Gara de Nord Bucharest station. The next target was Autogara Militari bus station. City trolleybus 62 goes there and it took me 40 minutes to reach athe terminal. Filix bus goes from Bucharest to Sofia. It is hard to believe, but you can ride 7 hours to Sofia paying for that (in internet) just 12 euro!
Yes, there is border control on the way, but we spent there only half an hour before crossing Duna river on the narrow and old bridge... Welcome to Bulgaria! The most picturesque part of the bus jounney was the last hour when we were passing the mountains with many bridges, tunnels - mountain landscapes were great...
Sofia, visited again after 41 years looks nicer! I found my accommodation near the Lion's Bridge - see thd picture.... It is evening and I appreciate cheap and good Bulgarian wine... Time to rest after hot and busy day. Good night!

May 29, 2018 12:00 AM Two castles in one day...

Two castles in one day... Brasov could be a base for short trips to the interesting castles in the area. In the morning I took junk bus from Autogara 2 to Bran castle known also as Dacula Castle. It took me 7 lei and more than an hour to get there. This medieval castle is very impressive and picturesque. But now I know that it is very compact and small. Hunedoara castle I visited last year seems to be bigger. But Bran has nicer lacation... They charge 40 lei entry fee there.
In the early afternoon I returned to Brasov to take nexf minibus from Autogara 1 (next to railway station) to famous mountain resort Sinaia. Romanian king Carol I built there in 19th century beautiful castle. If fact it is the palace... Be prepared for the serious 40 min walk up from the station or take a taxi... The location of Peles Palace in the mountain valley - far from the town noise is fantastic. Paying 30 lei entry fee you have a chance to see rich decoration of the interiors - it is definitely worth the money and the effort. I had today wonderful, sunny day. Tomorrow I must get up at 4.30 to catch the train. Uuuuuu....

May 28, 2018 12:00 AM By train to Brasov

By train to Brasov If you plan to travel by Romanian Railways CFR it is worth to buy tickets in advance on-line on their site. You will get special internet discount!
The train was comfortable, with indivifdual seats in the 2nd class but the staff was rather rude - they need a training!
After 2,5 hours on the train I disembarked in Brasov. 250000 people live here. The old part of the city has picturesque location at the bottom of the huge Tampa Mtn - cable car goes to the top. I spent whole afternoon walking around the walled old town, enjoying views of the St Nicolas orthodox cathedral, huge and famous Black Church (closed on Mondays) and market square, Then I climbed for the views the citadel hill - citadel ic closed but the pictures are worth thd effort.
Trying to find cheapest pension I booked one high on the slope of Mt Tampa. Buses do not go there, so I am forced to climb several times every day. That's budget traveller's life! :)

May 27, 2018 12:00 AM National costumes - not easy to find!

National costumes - not easy to find! Today in the morning I took a long walk to the Romanian Village Museum located in the big park in ths north of the city. Part of the route was along Kiseleff Alley - full of green, with elegant old villas and embassies on both sides...
In the open air museum I had a chance to see many samples of the wooden architecture taken here from all Romania. Nice churches, windmills, households... But I was little disappointed, I expected to find there not only the architecture, but also the people in the national costumes and national music. Nothing like that!
Well, I found them later in the afternoon in the old town, in the stylish restaurant - see picture...
The old town in Bucharest is not so big. Cobbled streets are crowded because they put so many tables outside the cafes and restaurants..
In the heart of the old town you will find "Little Bucharest" Hostel. They charge 50 euro per double room with bath, but only 10,50 for the bed in the dormitory... Nice, hot day...

May 26, 2018 12:00 AM Walking Bucharest

Walking Bucharest Yesterday when I arrived to Bucharest Airport it was hot and humid day. On the lower level of the airport you will find the city bus stop. No 783 goes to the city center, old town, 780 goes to the main station. There is a kiosk selling bus tickets - for 7,00 lei plus 1,60 lei per magnetic card. They will sell you a ticket for two airport to city express bus rides... - 3,50 each...
You can upload also more money on this card and use it for public buses and trams except metro. They will charge 1,30 lei per ride - validate card when boarding the bus!
In the evening we had several spring storms.
Today I took a long walk around the center - to the University square where they have National Theatre, to Uniri Square with a row of fountains leading to the famous Parliament building - the monster block built during communist time (they say it is second largest buildig in the world after Petagon).
But the real pleasure is to visit here orthodox churches where they conduct the services - singing and praying. The orthodox cathedral is not far from the Parlament - on the hill. I have a good time in Bucharest after 41 years...

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