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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Nov 18, 2017 12:00 AM The farthest one, the highest one...

The farthest one, the highest one... From the perspective of Cabeco, where I live the farthest cor ner of the island is the little and rough peninsula of Terra Cha. Nobody live in this part of Santo Island, no public transport, one or two cars per hour. But paved road goes there, so I was forced to pay 13 euro (more then my daily diet) to take a taxi. It was worth: vereda (trail) starts from the road, it is well maintained and marked. After 1 hour of gently climbing it took me to the ridge with a great view of the eastern cliffs. 20 minutes later I reached the top of Pico Branco, 450 m above ocean, where I photographed even nicer views of northern coast. Terra Cha view point is just 15 minutes from the trail fork. There is located the only shelter on this trail (but firmly locked) and interesting volcanic chimneys around small chapel.
The walk back to the road took me an hour. What to do now? No transport...
I decided to walk back across the island, through the mountains...
Not easy, but on the route there was a pass between Castelo Peak and Pico de Facho - the highest on the Island. I wanted to take the opportunity to make a detour and climb it. And I did it! There were great view from the top, where antenna is installed, especially to the Juliana Peak... Nice nature. I have been down in the capital of the island only at 4.30 pm - after 6,5 hours on the trail. Tired but happy!

Nov 17, 2017 12:00 AM To the other side of the island...

To the other side of the island... Santo Island (formally called Porto Santo) is 14 kms long and 7 kms wide - it makes it walkable... Today I took the walk to the other side if the island - to Fonte de Areio - the great view point on the high cliff. Paved road goes there from the capital of the island, but the traffic is minimal...
From the 100 meters cliff you can see roaring Atlantic Ocean and little beach Salemas accessible by steep, gravel road.
On the way back I tried to hitch-hike, but it seems that the locals want you rather to call the taxi using your mobile - they probably think that the foreigners are here to pay, since the tourism is here the main industry. In the main settlement there is a supermarket and the prices are not high. The loaf of basic bread -500g costs one euro, dozen of eggs 1,80 and bar of butter 1,60.
It was coludy day today, but still 20 deg Celsius. I am waiting for sunny weather to climb the highest peaks of the island...

Nov 16, 2017 12:00 AM Ferry to Santo Island

Ferry to Santo Island Some people go to Santo from Madeira just for one day... I want to stay longer, to have enough time to explore it on foot... Return ferry ticket cost 46 euro and you can buy it online. It was still dark at 7 am when I was going fron the old town to the ferry dock. Warm enough to walk in the shirt only. It is around half an hour walk... They checked my ticket an then I was climbing three decks up where open deck and cafeteria is located. We started the sail at 8 am, just after the sunrise. And I had a chance to see the nice coastal landscape of Madeira while the ship was sailing along the eastern coast - as far as St Lawrance Point, where the lighthouse stands on the rocky island. I met on the deck nice couple from Cracow - more and more Poles travel now abroad... They intend to rent the bikes and go around Santo in one day...
Then Santo Island appeared on the horizon with nice hills and long sandy beach along the southern coast. After 2,5 hours of sailing we docked at the miniature harbor. Public bus going to the town was waiting on the jetty - it costs 1,60 euro for just 3 kms trip. Then I was walking more then an hour to my pension in Cabeco do Ponta. Little bue bus goes along this coastal road but only few times per day. It is so nice here! Palms, flowers in blossom. Let's have a rest!

Nov 15, 2017 12:00 AM 3 flights, 7 hours on the planes....

3 flights,  7 hours on the planes.... It was mid-day when I boarded LOT flight to Warsaw. We landed on time and two hours later I boarded TAP plane to Lisbon. Vduring 4-hours flight they served hot meal with wine or Sagres beer. In Lisbon I was a little bit afraid because I had only 45 minutes for plane change. They did not park the plane at the terminal, but far away, using the sneaking bus to bring us to the arrival hall. But this was the same terminal 1, and I was anyway on time for boarding the third plane - to Funchal on Madeira.
It was still 19 deg here Celsius when we landed.
In front if the terminal building there is the stop of Aerobus going to the city. One way price is 5 euro, but if you buy return it is only 8.
I get of at MERCADO stop. My Residencial Funchal was just round the corner. Surprise! They have my booking but want to resettle me to the other pension - to MONACO. What can I do in the strange town at 10 pm? Good night!

Nov 14, 2017 12:00 AM Oh, new voyage!

Oh, new voyage! Again I fly south to escape the November cold and December dark days and by the way also see something new and fascinating. Initially I wanted to start this trip from the visit of Northern Algeria. It turned out, however, that Algeria has introduced visa impediments that without a invitation from the Algerian virtually exclude travel. I had to find quickly another option and decided to fly with cheap airlines to Portugal and then to use a ferry to travel to the unknown island of Santo in the Atlantic Ocean (via Madeira).
Then I'll go back to Barcelona to embark a cheap ship sailing to Brazil. On the coast of this country I will visit several new ports, I will spend again a day in Rio, and when it will come to say goodbye to the ship in Santos, I will continue on buses south - to the "mysterious" Saint Catherine Island. Planes, ships, ferries, buses - it could be a great adventure! I intend to return to Poland just before Christmas. Please keep your fingers crossed, dear friends!

Nov 12, 2017 12:00 AM Annual Meeting of Polish Globetrotters

Annual Meeting of Polish Globetrotters Three days of information exchange, slide shows, travel books eveluation... But first of all a great occasion to meet again old friends - the travellers from all over Of Poland! I am in Rzeszow in the Southeast Poland. For this meeting I prepared two presentation, about the places never presented here since the beginning of our meetings: Chilean Patagonia and Trobriand Islands. And I got a big applause! :)

Nov 08, 2017 12:00 AM My slides on the big screen...

My slides on the big screen... The period between travels I use for giving slide shows and lectures. The last one was in Lubin - South Poland. They are inviting me every year with different presentation - since 8 years! I had a big and very interesting audience. The cinema hall was full and the presentation on the big screen was impressive. After the lecture I had many questions to answer. People were also buying my book with dedication of the author. Thank you ant see you in November 2018!


Oct 30, 2017 12:00 AM Windy Gdansk...

Windy Gdansk... It was raining, when I landed in FLL Florida. After 3 hours waiting in wing E of the airport (there is good quality free internet access and electric sockets under the computer tables) I boarded dreamliner heading to Copenhagen. The flight was not full, so it was possible to find convenient place for 8,5- hours flight. I was watching "Moulin Rouge" movie and... liked it!
Copenhagen welcomed us with sun and only 8 deg Celsius.
At the beginning of the airport wing D in the narrow passage near the window there are two 220 V sockets. It was more then enough for the backpacker to prepare big cup of coffee and a warm noodle soup :)
Then there were half-empty flight to Gdansk. Wow! Stormy and only 4 deg Celsius in the evening...
The big voyage to Central America is succeslully completed!
Now it is time to have a rest, to write the travel report and... to prepare for the next journey. I already see another great island on the horizon! :)

Oct 29, 2017 12:00 AM Lovely streets of Cartagena

Lovely streets of Cartagena It was so hot during the night in my 20-dollars room! I was happy to take the shower in the morning and walk to the old city. At 8 am the city was only awaking. It was great pleasure to stroll around almost empty streets, enjoying the rows of old houses with wooden balconies decorated with flowers... Unfortunately the churches: San Pedro and cathedral were closed. A long segments of the city walls are also open for walking, so you can enjoy there morning breeze and take the pictures... Definitely Cartagena was worth a second visit, especially in such a calm atmosphere...
I returned to my hostal for a shower, and then it was a time to go to the airport. The last expensive solution is to take a dirty public minibus from the stop opposite the monument of India Catalina. On the bus is not written "airport" but the name of the company VehiTrans. I paid my last 2000 pesos to the driver and ask people to tell me where to get of after some 20 minutes drive. After disembarking the bus you have to turn right into the little street which is heading to the terminal - some 400 m.
Uff! The interior has a/c in thd airport. I was flying to Fort Lauderdale on JetBlue - an American low-cost carrier from the upper shelf... Nice 2,5h flight, they serve a soft drink and chips!
It is evening now and I am waiting in FLL airport for the another low-cost flight to Europe (on Norwegian). It is raining in Florida. Very sad wether here! It is hard to imagine, that in the morning I suffered from such a strong sun!

Oct 28, 2017 12:00 AM Cartagena de Indias... Colombia

Cartagena de Indias... Colombia Today I took a long distance bus to travel from Santa Marta to Baranquilla and onward to Cartagena (cost: 12000 + 12000 pesos). It took me 5.5 hours by the second class roads (they still charge money from the drivers in the gates - like on the highway!) Baranquilla located in the mouth of the huge Magdalena River is not very welcoming. I saw quiet big sea port from the bridge. In Cartagena bus station is located on the outskirts of the city, so I was forced to use MetroBus (little bus with no a/c - 2000 pesos), to get to the old part of the city - listed on UNESCO list. I found my Casa Salome hotel where cheap but dump room was waiting for me and I crossed the bridge to the old city to check if something changed within 4 years. Yes, I have been here 4 years ago. No changes, except the high crane over Castillo San Felipe (they do some renovation there). On the old city walls I met pretty local lady selling flowers - see picture! Old Cartagena is still charming and very authentic.... Tomorrow I will still have few hours to walk around!

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