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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Jun 01, 2022 12:00 AM Corfu in the sun!

Corfu in the sun! When I was here before I experienced heavy rain and the police was closing thr roads. Today I have blue sky! The view of the island's capital is great even from the ship: with two castles and spires of the churches in the old town. They offer shuttle bus from the terminal to the old castle for 10 euro, but I preferred to walk, taking the pictures, meeting the people. Polite -Kalimera! is always appreciated. It is worth to pay 3 euro (UE seniors) for entry to the old castle and climb the top bastion for the great view! Ols city is full of flowers and souvenir shops. After seeing the solid silver coffin of St Spiridion I took a long walk to Kanoni viewpoint. This place is like the icon of Corfu: you will see in the blue the little island and tiny white monastery. Wow! I returned to the ship only at 4 pm after some 14-km walk. Tired but happy...

May 31, 2022 12:00 AM Tested, screened, boarded...

Tested, screened, boarded... To protect the crew and passengers from covid the cruise lines still require the negative result of covid test when you boarding the ship. It could be cheap antigen test. In the morning in Bari I found the laboratory close to the raileay station where hey make it in just 20 minutes charging just 15 euro. It is worth to recommend: Laboratorio Analisi - Sant'Andrea. The day was hot and sunny when I was walking with my backpack to the cruise port. It is close to the old town - next to the ferries.
My MSC ship was bigger than I expected - imagine 17 decks and capacity max 4500 passengers... In the poor terminal on the jetty they screened the bags. Fortunately I survived with my tea/coffee maker which is often taken to deposit. Wow! It is my first time with MSC - they offer free pizza all over the day! Nice ship! Nice decor in the Zanzibar and Africana self-service restaurants. We are sailing at 6 pm, at 8 there willbe show in the theater and then dancing under the stars. Let's sail!

May 30, 2022 12:00 AM Flying to Italy

Flying to Italy Today I used two flight to move from Norway to the southern tip of Italy. First, SAS flight to Milano Malpensa was almost as cheap as low- cost airlines flights. You have to pay for the food and drinks but they have one nice behavior: the coffee and tea are complimentary! The flight was 45 minutes delayed, but I had enough of time for the connection in Milan anyway. In Malpensa airport when you are arriving from EU countries you go directly for transit to the depatrure hall without any control - that's nice! But there is still a kind of bordello italiano: crowd of the people was patiently waiting in front of the display to get the gate number - they announced only in the last minute...
Wizz flight to Bari was full. But it was only 80 minutes on the air... In the masks - Italians still require that! In front of the Bari airport terminal I catch bus no. 16 - it took me to the city for just 1 euro. It was already dark when I found my cheap pension in the old town alley. Warm evening, people sitting in the sidewalk' restaurants, nicely illuminated monuments and narrow streets. Welcome back to Bari!

May 29, 2022 12:00 AM Solbergfossen Waterfall

Solbergfossen Waterfall In my opinion the best thing Norway can offer to the foreigners is the nature. About an hour drive from Oslo (direction Dramen) you can find a nice, 20-m high Solbergfossen waterfall. The access is easy: simply 20 minutes walk from the parking lot. But the path through the pine forest closer to the fall become steep and could be slippery during the rainy days. Fortunately today it was dry. The river flowing between granite boulders is not so powerful but the place is very picturesque. First we went to the bottom of the fall, then we were climbing to the top. You have to take care climbing on the boulders - they did not install here any barriers or ropes. I took some good pictures but my son Adam got even better ones using his dron. Let's hope, that I will come to Norway again to discover and film even nicer places...

May 28, 2022 12:00 AM My grandson's celebration & Glomma River

My grandson's celebration & Glomma River I arrived to Norway to celebrate the First Communion of my grandson Alexander. The morning was sunny but windy. The celebration in the nearest Catholic church was nice. After two hours we returned to my son's house for the great party... I had a chance to meet an interesting people from the Polish colony in Oslo. In the afternoon we had a walk along the picturesque Glomma River - the biggest river of Norway. The evening was calm and sunny. We had a great time...

May 27, 2022 12:00 AM Climbing to the Father's Hat

Climbing to the Father's Hat My son Adam and his family live on the outskirts of Oslo, within the green, rolling hills. It is the countryside with many lales ans forests. Today we decided to take the walk to the little, rocky hill called Father's Hat (260 m above the sea level). I enjoyed very much about an hour walk uphill through the lush forest. From the viewpoint at the end of the trail there were a nice view of the lakes and forested hills. Adam, who always was enthusiastic regarding the new solutions. brought here his little dron an for the first time in my life I had a chance to be picrtured from the dron. What a experience! But the main advantage of this trip was a chance to spend a time with my son, who lives in Norway since years! :)

May 26, 2022 12:00 AM Norwegian nowadays

Norwegian nowadays Did you ever fly Norwegian airlines? In the old, good days they were flying even to America. I flown with them to San Juan, Puerto Rico and Florida... During COVID they reduced operation. Today I was flying with Norwegian again - to Oslo. They still occupy the upper shelf in the group of the low-cost airlines. I was happy to find new plane, enough space for legs and friendly, elegant crew. After just 1,5 h I landed in Oslo. My dear son Adam was waiting for me. I am so happy to see him again...

May 25, 2022 12:00 AM New short voyage? - Why not!

New short voyage?  - Why not! A new, short trip? Why not? Since there is a good opportunity... I am going to Oslo first - to visit my son Adam's family. And from there I will be flying on low-cost via Milan to Bari port at the end of the Italian "shoe" to board the ship to the Adriatic ports. I have never sailed on the ships of the MSC shipping company so it will be an opportunity to get to know each other and - perhaps - the beginning of an interesting acquaintance. MSC is one of the cheapest cruise lines! :)


May 12, 2022 12:00 AM Paris to Wojtkówka for just 9,99 euro...

Paris to Wojtkówka for just 9,99 euro... Early wake up. Quick breakfast and at 7.30 am I was already in the metro heading to Beauvavis airport bus (French call is often "navette". Buses departs 3 hours before each flight from little parking near Porte Maillot metro station. No 1 metro line goes there. To jump on the line 1I was forced to make the connection in Concorde Station. Ok, I advice to buy the ticket for "navette" on internet - it cost 15,90 euro. Why? When I arrived to the parking there was a long line to the ticket office. If you have online ticket you skip this line...
And here is the paradox: the flight Paris Beauvais to Gdansk cost me 9,99 but I paid extra for the shuttle to the airport 15,90!
It was still cheap...
It took us 1,5 hours to get to the destination. I immediately went to terminal 2 to see 200-m long line to the security. I had 1 hour to get through but in my opinion it was not enough. I was lucky anyway - the clerk in charge was going along this long line picking people flying to Gdansk. Why just to Gdansk? I do not know till now. Important that I was on time at the gate.
After 2 hours we landed in my hometown. Sunny by windy and only 14 deg Celsius. (yesterday in Paris -28!) I went directly to my Wojtkówka - a lot of work awaits me. One more interesting voyage is successfully completed!

May 11, 2022 12:00 AM I love Paris...

I love Paris... Imagine that I was here for the first time 50 years agp, during the time of the black and white photography! I woke up early and strarted a long, 7-hours walk, visiting well-known places and enjoying the warm and sunny weather. The panoramic view from the terrace of Sacre-Coeur basilica is still great and cost nothing, but if you want to take the lift to the top of yhe Eiffel Tower yoy must pay 27 euro. Today's Paris is even more colorful then those I remember. The facade and towers of Notre Dame cathedral are already rebuilt after the fire... I returned happy but tired by metro (single ticket costs already 1,90 euro). I love Paris...

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