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On foot to the roof of Africa

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Posted: 2010-03-20 00:35:00   

Taken for the Times feature on thrilling adventures:

"Cloaked in clouds at the break of a new day, the sleeping volcano of Kilimanjaro ranks among the most compelling sights in Africa. Rising 5,895m above the dry surrounding plains, it has challenged climbers ever since its discovery by a German missionary in the mid-19th century. The ascent is no picnic (independent trekking is fobidden) and most organised hikes take several days, each introducing a new climatic zone: rainforest, open grassland, semi-desert and alpine. The two easiest routes (Marangu and Machame) take six days but, understandably, attract crowds. Luckily , there is a path less travelled: the Umbwe route, followed by the Western Breach. It involves some scrambling - experience in mountiain-trekking will come in handy - but the five-day climb doesn't rquire ropes and porters will set up cam for your each night."

I've never done this climb but I was doing some research for 2011; and reading this made me want to attempt it. Any thoughts?

"So many places, so little time" ((*_*))

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