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seeking modest hostels in east side manhattan in april

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Joined: Feb 06
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Posted: 2006-02-24 17:14:00   

Dear all;

a pleasure really to be typing my first message after signing up.. I have a request kindly:

does anyone know about modest lodging hostels in east side manhatten for i need to attend a course of 10 days in the Sloan Kettering cancer centre in york avenue...

or does anyone know about low priced accomodations the where the Kettering centre is!!!

many thanks

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Joined: Feb 06
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Posted: 2006-02-24 17:15:00   

Forget to mention about the time

from 25th april up till may 6th

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Joined: Jun 02
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Posted: 2006-03-24 04:56:00   

good health and high spirits!

you can just google "hostels Manhatten" or go to or just phone the cancer centre and ask them outright where there are cheap places.



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Posted: 2006-03-24 18:03:00   

Tashy it right, the organisers or center you are visiting in any city are the best 'insiders' to accommodation tips. They even might know of guestrooms?

There are rairly recommended hostels in Manhatten! Even those charge a proud 80$pp per night. I would stay in one of the suburbs or satellite cities and travel into Manhatten even if it costs me 2 hours extra time per day. Try listed hostels in Queens, Brooklyn or on Staten Island. Fancy hotels in Manhatten for over $200pp/n are no problem!

I will never stay in mid-NY again after waisting half a day looking for accomodation. The reserved 'yahoo' place stank. The next which a taxi-driver recommended was a druggy place. I could have handled both for three nights but my business partner not. Since there was a convention in town the hotels were pretty full. We luckily got a room at a *** for a limited ONE night for $180 double. A limousine service at which we enquired a price (we just wanted to feel it once for a few minutes, didnt really have the cash) was pushy and tried to collect us at the hotel for a intro flip. We were not there but on returning the staff were suddendy very friendly, impressed and immediately gave us top class service, also suddenly COULD extend our stay for another two nights. We got very broke in NY! RR

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Rudolf "Rangutan" Graspointner

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