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What is there to do just across the border in Mexico?

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Posted: 2005-08-10 17:29:00   

I'm heading to WA, and taking the opportunity to see SF and maybe Hollywood. Since I'm so close (I live in NC, so SF is *very* close, relatively speaking), I'd like to cross over into Mexico just to say I've been there, but don't want to go 100 miles or more in.

What is there to do within an hour or so drive of the border? Anything fun, any special photo ops? Any suggestions/recommendations for crossing the border?



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Posted: 2005-08-18 03:50:00   

Hi - there are a couple of border towns, but Rosarito Beach is probably your best bet - it's just 20 miles south of the border. The town is very popular with Southern Californians who will drive down a couple of miles further to Puerto Nueva for their famous baby lobster dinners, then head into Rosarito for its nightclubs. There are places to rent ATVs to ride on the beach or take horseback rides and the beach hotels are known for their year around "spring break" type activities. There is also surfing available.

Ensenada is a little further south but has become somewhat touristy since it became a cruise ship stop, and has lost some of its charm.

Have fun!


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Posted: 2005-08-18 21:49:00   


I think Eire, has the right idea. I spent a few days there a few years ago and its a lot of fun.

Not a great report, but you might get a few tips from this.


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Posted: 2005-11-10 01:27:00   

Great ideas from everyone, I visit cabo-wabo and Jimmy Hagar once in a while and drive by Ensenada and Rosarito which in fact are not that far from the border. If you are alone don't venture to lonely places if you know someone there go to Cabo san Lucas a little far south but worth it.

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