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Emei Shan for my friend wojtekd

information about china  Leshan - China, Sichuan

This Holy Mountain constitutes a beautiful and easy trekking up to the top. It is easier than the Fuji Yama in Japan. It consists of three summits; the highest one has about 3100 metres.

The normal trekking will take you seven days, but you can do it in three or four days if you are in a hurry.
You will find Buddhists monasteries along your trekking where you can spend the night and eat.
Some of my favourite Chinese travellers of the VIII century have climbed this Emei Shan in pilgrimage (Shan means Mountain in Chinese), like Li Po, who was from Sichuan, and his friend Du Fu (both loved to drink a lot). Li Po died drunk in a boat trying to catch the reflection of the Moon in the water.

From Emei Shan you should not miss the spectacular Leshan Buddha, at about 50 kilometres distance, occupying the side of a mountain, which after the destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha’s statues is now the greatest in the world.

Great traveller Wojciech Dabrowski will soon climb to this peak

Address: At about 50 kilometres far from Leshan
Phone: + no available
Price: budget

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