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Nalut travel guide - Travel advice by real travelers on Nalut, Libya!

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Travel guide to Nalut
Nalut - Qasr inside
Nalut - Qasr inside
Nalut is on the way from Tripoli to Ghadames, so it makes sense to break the 700 kilometre-long journey. The town itself has nothing to offer but a great old district with incredible grain warehouses, called granaries in English and 'qasr' in Arabic. The only hotel in town offers a superb view of the old town and the fortified 770 years old granary, as well as the canyon-like landscape around. The qasr of Nalut is very special. It is like a small village within a village. The storage rooms are tightly packed close one to another and the passage around the qasr is very narrow, that even a donkey with a baggage would not fit there. Maybe without a baggage it would. Little light reaches the palm-tree wooden doors of the storage rooms. The purpose of the fortified qasr was to protect the groceries, dates, produce, grain and oil of the villagers from looters, who often invaded the villages in the middle ages of the XIII and XIV centuries. [edit text]  [editors]

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Passing through Nalut to see the solar eclipse. 
Nalut,  Libya 
krisek  rating  2008-12-18

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