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Kathmandu travel guide - Travel advice by real travelers on Kathmandu, Nepal!

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Travel guide to Kathmandu
Nepalese woman
Nepalese woman
Kathmandu is the capital of the kingdom of Nepal.
The local currency of Nepal is Nepalese Rupee (Rs), 1$ is worth about 72 Rs. Most visitors to the city will land at Tribhuvan Airport 5Km in the East of Kathmandu.
The city is a fascinating melange of old heritage and modern buildings mixing an astonishing beauty of some sites with an appalling poverty.
Kathmandu is full of colour, smell and noise. Today Kathmandu suffers from overcrowding, severe pollution and traffic congestion.
Now Kathmandu is grid locked with cars.
The city is also full of small temples dedicated to many Hindu Gods as well as smaller Buddhist stupas with all kind of architecture. You can walk virtually pretty much everywhere in the city, there also plenty of rickshaws or taxis.
Sights includes the GREAT STUPA OF BOUDHANATH: this ancient reliquary, on the northeast of Kathmandu is the spiritual nerve centre of Nepal’s Tibetan and Sherpa community. It is located in the west of the city. SWAYAMBHUNATH (also known as the Monkey temple) is situated on a hill top 2Km west of Kathmandu. It is the second largest Buddhist shrine in the valley after Boudhanath.
DURBAR SQUARE: The square contains more than 50 important monuments, shrines and temples.
BUDDHA NILKANTHA (meaning Old Blue Neck) is dedicated to Vishnu. It was consecrated in 642. This huge 6 meters long sculpture is carved from a black stone.
The national food is Dhal Baat which is rice and lentils.
Kathmandu is a great plave to organised treks, excursions and other activities such as river rafting. [edit text]  [editors]

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