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As well as sushi! In Argentina!

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Posted: 2005-01-24 20:48:00   

It is worldly known that Argentineans are crazy for meat, this is our main

protein provider, we eat it in all sort of ways, thought we always prefer a

good asado. The asado is the local barbecue. This Argentinean version is

very different from the American kind. First of all, there's no fire, but

very hot coles spread underneath a grill on top of which very good quality

meat is set, with no other dressing than salt and a bit of pepper. A slow

and gentle roast with coles and sometimes special wood sticks would turn

your steak into a God's pleasure dish. This eating tradition can be traced

down our history up till the colonial times, were the Gauchos, rode their

horses throughout the beautiful southern pampas, and whenever they were

hungry they got hold of a naturally breaded cow or sheep. Throughout times

this culinary tradition has been sophisticated and improved thanks to the

dedication of our dear asadores and cooks, and our most recognized chefs

such as the recently deceased Gato Dumas.

In our culinary history no one would have ever thought that such a foreign

eating habit as the raw fish technique of sushi could ever be embraced with

such passion and pleasure by the Argentinean public. But it has.

Argentinean, and specially PorteƱos, have gone sushi crazy. These are one of

the world's most advocated fans to the oriental tradition. During the last

few years, sushi restaurants have proliferated throughout the city of Buenos


To my humble opinion, this rapid love story between the once meat eaters and

sushi has its origin in a shared passion for care and delicacy with which

food is prepared, the ceremonial mis-en-place and careful preparation of the

dish. Both asadores and sushimen are experienced cooks, not just anyone is

qualify to come up with a delightful result after a few hours in the


The key to understanding the Argentinean eating habits lays on the fact that

we take great pleasure in good eating and have a unique palate. We once

embraced the Italian and Spanish culinary experiences at the beginning of

the 1900 when a great flow of immigrants taught us about the virtues of

grains and flours. Some time after, we bonded with the French styled cousine

and we're now embracing the delicacy of natural ingredients to their

highest expression.

The love story has begun early in the 90s and it looks like it's gonna last.

Everything on Art & Antiques as well as Travel Information for Buenos Aires and Argentina by Bob Frassinetti

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