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For the support samples to Daniel Serralta

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Joined: Feb 06
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Posted: 2006-02-25 23:28:00   

I comment myself a relative, this forum of trips. I will use English's translator to be able to greet them.

In principle to give those thanks to Toribio, Rudi, Isaac, Jesus etc., for the support samples to Daniel Serralta, since is of a lot of moral value and the best prize that he appreciates and I suppose that the other ones also nominated.

Jesus is right, Dani needs to be in good shape physics and mental for the trip type that this carrying out and the countries that it travels, some of the poorest and others with different difficulties.

Daniel this demonstrating to be an expert taking care and protecting their small patrimony (something of luck also this having). He is their patron (for that reason it consumes little).

I admire the Dani because he/she has the virtue of making friends with easiness, I am witness. He doesn't like danger, but he/she is not afraid.

Serious amusing that of the paella if one makes.

The liking to know each person's world, outlines some priorities that depending on the personal moments of each one, it values the style, the places and the time.

The time is since a relative luxury it depends on different variables.

Thank you again


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Joined: Aug 04
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Posted: 2006-02-26 01:27:00   

Hi Fede, Toribio, Isaac and Jesusferrero,

...I wonder also about the whereabouts of Daniel. I sent him a email now. I see he was logged in on Monday but his last upload in the GLOBOlog was a bad one end of December!... RR

Rudolf "Rangutan" Graspointner

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Joined: Aug 05
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Posted: 2006-02-26 03:17:00   

Where is Daniel?

Hi Rudi and others interested in Daniel.

Please, have a look at this personal Daniel web:

I will give you a summary, since it is written in Spanish and Catalan languages only: What he tells in those amazing pages and the pictures is simply incredible, like a Jules Verne adventure book! He entered Syria without visa and convinced the immigration officers to let him in! In Egypt he also experienced many “Indiana Jones” adventures in Abu Simbel and in other amazing places and rode horses around the pyramids (by the way, he loves archaeology too, like Indiana Jones, and spent many days, alone, from early morning until late evening, inside the Archaeological Museum in Cairo, completely fascinated).

He plans to spend a long year travelling without stop through African and Middle Eastern countries before going back to Spain.

I think that we should give him support writing to his guestobbok, I am sure that he will appreciate it because he must feel very lonely so long time. He is just a few years older than me. Como on, let’s write hem congratulating him for his exploits! When he will be back at home in his dear Barcelona he will reward us with many wonderful reports and pictures here in Globo! (I saw already some of his pictures in his web, and all are 5 stars worth!).

I can’t imagine myself far away from home for such a long time. But Dani has already performed two more fantastic long journeys in his travel career: one to Peru, Colombia and other countries in Southamerica, and the other one to Far East, china, Vietnam, Camboya, Laos, and a long etc.

Animo Dani, eres el major!

isaac molina

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Joined: Aug 02
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Posted: 2006-02-26 10:00:00   

Well! buff!! That make me feel so ashamed!!

First, thanks again to all of you out there for your support.

Second, well, I'm sorry for the interference of my father in this Website. Unfortunately he don't know what he is doing and I feel some ashamed for that reason. But I suppose that you all will understand that it is father's preoccupation.

Yeah, Daddy, I love you too but next time just writte me an e-mail!!!!

(Papi, jo tambe t'estimo pero el proper cop envia'm un e-mail!!)

I hope you all will understand.

By the way, thanks again all of you to be there and care about me.


PS: Isaac, I don't know you but I'm surprised that you are so shocked by my travels or adventures. I want to thank you for your support and I will be really happy to meet you someday when back in Barcelona.

PS#2: It's funny how people see me like some kind of Indiana Jones! Ja, ja, ja..... It happens since long time ago! Well, is not that bad! (But my adventures are not a movie.. are real!! ;) )

The journey is the reward. -- Tao saying

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Joined: Oct 05
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Posted: 2006-02-26 16:35:00   

Dani is a skilled traveller as far as I can figure out after having seen his wonderful personal web page. (I also saw wojtekd and whereisliz web pages, which are much more elaborated, especially wojtekd’s, but Dani’s is only starting, he is still young). We do not need to worry about the conclusion of Dani’s odyssey in Africa and Asia, because the worst was in Africa and he overcame the test with a great achievement, he has demonstrated to be an experienced traveller, at the level of wojtekd, and with a brilliant future. Now he has only to cross the risk-free countries of Turkey, Greece, ex-Yugoslavia, Italy and France to join his family in Spain. I can’t wait to read his reports and see his pictures when he will be home.

I am very proud to belong to a club which has a member like Dani; it makes it distinguish in quality.

Dani, vos sos mi idolo, el mejor de Globo!

I was born in Argentina but live in Spain

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Joined: Aug 05
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Posted: 2006-02-27 20:35:00   

Sr. Fede:

Le quiero traducir lo que han escrito últimamente sobre su hijo:

Rudi dice que en lo sucesivo no hace falta que haga traducir el texto al ingles (pues sale macarronico), sino que lo haga directamente en espanyol, pues aquí en Globosapiens todos los miembros son bilingues y hasta trilingues, y el espanyol lo entienden practicamente todos por ser el segundo idioma mas internacional del mundo.

Jesus escribe que no hace falta preocuparse por Dani, pues es un viajero muy experimentado y ya ha pasado lo peor de su viaje, que era Africa, y ahora dentro de un mes lo tendra Vd. en casa comiendo turron. Y compara a Dani con un viajero polaco extraordinario que conoce todos los paises del mundo, que es su amigo, y que junto a Dani son los dos mejores viajeros y el orgullo de este club Globosapiens (en la opinion de Jesus y en la mia tambien).

En resumen, no se preocupe por Dani, que aqui todos le apreciamos y seguimos sus pasos, y escriba siempre que quiera directamente en espanyol.

Saludos cordiales

isaac molina

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