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Guide Tip of the Month Award?

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Posted: 2004-07-31 13:21:00   

How about a new monthly "prize"....for the best Globo guide tip of the month?

This could be awarded for the best tip. A Globo rosette, the same as the one used for picture, album and report of the month could be the award.

The advantage would be to encourage we globo's to pass on and interchange more of our tips on hotels, restaurants, museums, places of interest etc., and of course spread the word about the rip off places to avoid, or the seedy hotel or dicey restaurant not to venture in to.

Any other fellow globo's have a view?

Cheers, Brit


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Posted: 2004-07-31 17:08:00   


Yes, absolutly agree with you.

The Guide Tips is a great tool to find the best places or avoid the worst .... a useful thing for the travelers than, for example, the ... mmmm.... the slide shows.

Someone can tell me where to find all the Guide Tips??

Is it possible after the new Globo Version?

Or the only way is checking the Guide Tips section user by user??



The journey is the reward. -- Tao saying

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Posted: 2004-07-31 18:16:00   

Hi all you travellers

Some thoughts about this topic

- A seperate section for the guide tips including a search form would realy be great.

- How would you judge the guide tip contest, what are the best tips?

- Should there be a possibility for globosapiens useres to rate the guide tips?

- Should there be the possibility to make a reply/comment to tips?

I agree too that tips can be a great thing about globosapiens, in order to be so they need to be found and to be rated. As always things are very up to yourself, so your tip might not suit the needs of other people. Perhaps some more structure to it, could be good too. Perhaps just some tick boxes could be useful, possible ticks: meet local people, top of the shelf, best business in town, best value for money, best food around, friendliest staff,.... im sure we could find a lot more. It would most probably simplify the job to find the right tip for your need.

Have a good weekend, and a happy 1st of August (Swiss Nat. Day)


Today is the first day of the rest of your life, enjoy it!

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