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Suggestions on how to rate an improved report.

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Posted: 2004-10-16 10:28:00   

When I rate a report, I always try to leave a comment. Sometimes this can be like add a few photos and this report will look much better, …

So my rating is given on the status of the report at that moment.

If I go back later and see that report again, I see that there is much more text and there are a lot of photos in that report and now I want to upgrade my rating of that report, how can I do that?

At this moment I can’t re-rate a report to give it a higher number that it deserves, because the system says you already rated this report.

This makes me less anxious to rate some one else report because if he or she improves it after a while it doesn’t reflect the rating anymore I gave.

Can’t you change this into your rating is adapted? This would be much more fair towards the members who rate and make reports.

Any comments anybody?



We don`t regret the things we did, but the ones we didn`t do.

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Posted: 2004-10-16 18:08:00   

Hi Alain,

I think like you that it could be fair to change the already given vote, if the report got 'quality rising changes'. What I'm not sure about is, if many members would use this possibility - is the effort to change the program profitable?

Have a nice weekend,


Just SMILE - and the world smiles with you!!

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Posted: 2004-10-16 20:02:00   

Hi Alain

A good point your picking up.

Another possibility would be if it could be possible to give a comment without having to rate... and rate it later on.

At the moment the only possiblity to do so, is in the guestbook or the contact form of the concerning member there you could give a first comment before having to finalize straight.

Sometimes it happened to me that I hit the wrong rating simply because I was going to fast with my cursor, keyboard mouse theres no possiblity to change that rating afterwards.... (especially for pictures).

Today is the first day of the rest of your life, enjoy it!

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Posted: 2004-10-17 15:57:00   

Reports and pictures and also edited reports will over the years/time eventually reach thier correct rating automatically, specially after more reports are written on the same place and more members join. (I do not believe that most follow the already rated stars/quality and vote/rate the same!) Also, i'm not so proud of some of my older reports so, so intend going back and upgrading them. Some need additions and editing but the very bad ones; i'll simply make some notes, save the text on my local harddisk, delete, edit and improve, then upload as NEW. I think thats OK and the solution (both of them) to what is being discussed here?

Rudolf "Rangutan" Graspointner

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Posted: 2004-10-18 06:52:00   

hii alen,

i just saw one report which was modified and it came on the main page of the site so i was able to rate to it again.


at bangalore /back 2 globo after a long

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