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How to take great close ups?

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posting by staff

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Posted: 2003-08-05 23:45:00   

Hi guys,

I would like to open this new forum "Digital Photography" with a question regarding close ups. I am a big enthusiast when it comes to close up pictures. Especially when you have some colorful detailed motives in nature. Recently I dumped into a picture of an ant, taken reaaaaly close! How are those guys doing that? I mean they are for sure not standing 1 cm infront of the animal, are they?

Can anybody shed a bit of light on that? ;-)



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Posted: 2003-08-06 15:51:00   

Good macro lenses (that usually cost a bit). And a love for creepy crawlies with hairy feeeeet. My new Canon 10D is arriving in a week or two, and I plan to purchase a macro lens after a good zoom lens, but it would be used for macro flowers shots since I hate all insects. :)

Lover of just five things - travelling, photography, thick crust pizzas, the xy-chromosomes, the Italians and the Dutch. Well, I can't count, so?

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Posted: 2003-09-02 12:11:00   

I used to have a my macros taken with my oldest camera... I still have it, but hardly use it any more: a Praktica MTL-5b One of the last mechanical Praktica's with only a TTL light meter. With that I still have a whole range of extra's.. they were cheap... even when I bought them (I was a student back then)

The macros I did with a whole set of rings I picked up for 2 Euro's ... and a film camera light (500 Watt, you needed to take photo's quick, before you vapourized the subject ;-]) I could not afford the ring light.

I did not attempt macro's using my new digital cam yet...



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