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Eastern Libya

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Posted: 2013-11-04 13:56:00   

I have changed my travel priorities and Libya is now #1 on my list!

After a lot of research I find the area between Bengazi and Tobruk interesting as a location to set up a kibbutz-type of community for burnt-out Europeans. Emphasis would be on creating biomes and proving that anything can be grown in the dessert (or on the Moon). After onsite surveys sponsorship will be found from Caritas, Eden Project, Richard Branson and others....

When Tripoli is freed I hope the ferry from Crete runs again or flights into Bengazi.

Anyone have notes or plans for this region?

Rudolf "Rangutan" Graspointner

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Posted: 2013-11-04 13:56:00   

I want to share with the community the photos of my trip to Libya

I visited: Tripoli ( Tripolitania ) Sabratha - Leptis Magna - Desert Awbari - Tadrart Acacus - Sahara - Awaynat - Germa - Sabha ( Fezzan )

To see my photo gallery click on the link below

I want to point out the major tourist attractions

> Tadrart Acacus is a mountainous desert and sandy located in the southwest of Libya is UNESCO World Heritage Site

> Ubari or Awbari desert is a wonderful sandy desert ( Erg ) there are a few oases like lake Um El Ma and lake Gaberoun

> Tripoli what to visit:
- Medina quarter
- Arch of Marcus Aurelius
- Assai al-Hamra ( Red Castle )
- Jazair Square Mosque
- Gurgi Mosque - Karamanli Mosque
- Jamahiriya Museum - Museum of Libya in the Palace of the People
- Souq Al-Attara - Al-Mushir - Al-Liffa - Al-Turk
- Fish Market
- Martyrs Square ( Ex Green Square )

> Leptis Magna archaeological site is UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most important parts are: Baths of Hadrian - Basilica - Arch of Septimius Severus - Temple of the Nymphs - Old Hole - Theater - Chalcidicum - Byzantine port - Market - Amphitheater - Port - Colonnade Street - Monumental Arches - Terme Hunters - Stadium ( Racecourse )

> Sabratha or Sabratah archaeological site is UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most important parts are: Bes Mausoleum - Theater - Forum - Christian Basilica - Temple of Antoninus - Temple of Jupiter - Spa - Temple of Isis - Temple of Hercules - Temple of Serapis - Temple of Liber Pater - Amphitheater

> Germa archaeological site Germa was the capital of the Garamantes

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