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Posted: 2016-03-05 23:55:00   

I want to share with the community some tourist information and experience of my recent trip in Senegal

A beautiful and interesting adventure trip to discover this fascinating Country. Travel very varied for the type of places visited: small and folkloric markets of remote villages, chaotic and infernal market of large cities, the beauty of nature with breathtaking scenery, the beautiful parks with animals and colorful and vibrant city. The aspect that I consider most important and more emotional was meeting with people who made the trip more amazing ! 10 days 8 travellers + 1 guide + 1 driver of van off road. About 1000 km including about 100 km of dirt roads

To see my photo gallery click on the link below

Below a list of tourist attractions of my itinerary that may be useful to plan better a trip

> Dakar : It is located on the Western edge of Africa . Now the colonial buildings are not many , the financial and institutional center is modern . It is a large and chaotic Capital and 2 days are enough to visit . The most interesting places are: the colorful and chaotic markets of Sandaga - Grand Yoff - Kermel - Colobane which are the most characteristic - the impressive bronze Monument of 49 meters high at African Renaissance ( it is located on a hill in the suburbs and is facing the Ocean ) - Independence Square - the Great Mosque - the Cathedral of Our Lady of Victories - the seafront - the Mosque of the Divinity in Ouakam - Square of Obelisk - the Monument of the Gate of the Third Millennium - the Train Station

> Pink Lake or Lake Retba : It is situated about 35 km from the center of Dakar is a salt lake and the pink color is caused by some algaes that give this particular color

> Goree Island : It located just 20 minutes by boat from the tourist port of Dakar . It was the military outpost of the French during the colonial period and buildings that characterize the island are from that period . Considering the small size of the island you can visit it completely in a short time, do not miss the House of Slaves - the Fort of Estrées - the Church of St. Charles Borromeo

> Lompoul Desert : It is a small desert of sand , the dunes are not very high but it is a very charming place

> Touba : It is the holy city of Mouridism is a place of pilgrimage especially during the celebration of Magal . Mosque which makes it famous is very large and construction is recent ( 1963 )

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Joined: Oct 06
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Posted: 2016-03-05 23:55:00   

> Saint Louis o Ndar : It is located in the far north at the border with Mauritania . Is a picturesque and colorful city . In the past it was the Capital of the Country. The city is located at the mouth of the river Senegal ; to access the small town center which it is situated on a river island you must cross the characteristic Faidherbe Bridge , in this part of the city there are many buildings dating back to the colonial period while the district located between the river and the Ocean looks like another city completely different from the colonial district ; hundreds and hundreds of colorful boats in an orderly chaos that offer a truly amazing atmosphere ! Fishing is the main source of the city and everything revolves around it

> Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary : It is located on the border with Mauritania about 60 km from Saint Louis . The park is populated by thousands of migratory birds ( cormorants - flamingos - many pelicans - and many other species ) The most striking point of the Park is the island of pelicans where there are thousand of pelicans !

> Langue de Barbarie : It is a nice park it is located about 15 km south of Saint Louis . It is a strip of land which divides the river Senegal from Ocean and is possible to see hundreds of migratory birds - hundreds of crabs - sea turtles

> Joal Fadiouth : It is a small fishing village . Not to be missed Fadiouth it is a small island connected with a long wooden bridge and completely covered with shells including the beautiful cemetery that give hospitality at deceaseds of different religions together and there are also beautiful Baobabs . When there is low tide water under the bridge disappears

> Mbour or M'Bour : It is located on the coast . To visit : the Mosque Serigne Saliou - the central market - the port

> Toubacouta : It is a small town located on the shores of Sine Saloum . The area of delta of the river is very beautiful the vegetation is surrounded by mangroves and several Baobabs . Nearby a few km from the border with The Gambia there is Fathala Reserve with lions giraffes zebras rhinos warthogs buffalos antelopes

> Kaolack : It is the agricultural Capital of the Country ; the market is one of the largest in Africa the indoor part is very crowded and very narrow , the outdoor area is really huge ( It is very interesting ! ) To visit also the Moschea of Medina Baay

> Saly Portudal : It is interesting for beach tourism

Other locations of my trip : Ndoumbout - Foundiougne - Fatick - Djilor - Bargue - Thiadiaye - Nguékhokh - Kébémer - Ndianda - Sokone - Nguéniène - Ouadiour - Niaga ... but in these places I did not find relevant tourist attractions ( only the local markets that are always interesting ! )

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