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Medical Tourism (India, etc.)

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Joined: Jul 06
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Posted: 2006-07-23 01:09:00   

I need hip replacement or hip resurfacing and have heard mostly favorable comments in various news articles on having these surgeries performed in India. Any personal experiences on Indian (or alternatively European) medical adventures?

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Joined: Oct 06
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Posted: 2006-10-14 17:54:00   


Actually, I think your message is one I saw here and it prompted me to write a report. Unfortunately, one lady decided it was a commercial and gave me some bad ratings for it. LOL! I'd like to know if you have had the procedure done. I was in the hospital here in India where I live when a patient had it done and he's thrilled! There's a good organization that you should learn about.

I'm new to Globosapiens and I don't know all the ropes yet, but go here:

Let me know if you get this and you can write me more easily at

Wishing you health and happiness.



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Posted: 2006-10-15 03:25:00   


I too felt that your report was more sales oriented. I am an American and very aware of the push toward medical procedures performed overseas. I think was concerned me was that you gave the web address 3 times and referred to the AMS website another 3 times. That gave the appearance of a sales pitch. I can see the merits of your report, but I think that one posting of the website is enough if your intent is simply to hype that advantages of combining medical surgery with travel. A travel tip could (and should) be written up that has the contact info for those interested.

I appreciate you clearing this up! We are just over protective of Globo!


Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away. Profile Pic: Tikal, Guatemala

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Joined: Oct 06
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Posted: 2006-10-15 05:04:00   

My report WAS a commercial plug -- urgently aimed at one lady who needs a hip replacement or a hip resurfacing, but was it really "Nothing Special?"

I hope she's gotten the message by now. I was only going to put that information up in a cursory sort of report when I got hooked into making it what it became. As a published writer the site itself gave me the encouragement to do a better job, but again, was it "Nothing Special?"

Davidx's thread about "Sometimes NOT rating is best," should be read by this whole community. One of your seasoned members gave me 4 or 5*. And then the 2* knocked the breath out of me. I think a good lesson could be taken from YouTube:

1* = POOR

2* = Nothing Special

3* = Worth Watching

4* = Pretty Cool

5* = Awesome.

Isn't that more likely a better scheme?

If my old hide wasn't as tough as it is, I'd have sailed right on by and never looked back at Globo. As it is, I'm challenged to write one that can earn 5*.

I only hope my mission to MaryIka who needed the information was successful. I'll go back now and take all but one or two of the AMS references out.

One last point. Was "Medical Tourism (India, etc.)" my thread or did I merely post a report to that thread?

Thanks, Eirekay,



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