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what to do in bangkok for 4 days?

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Joined: Jul 07
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Posted: 2007-07-10 23:04:00   

hi im traveling to bangkok and staying for 4 days while on my way to sydney. im a 23yr old male? has any1 any tips on what to do or direct me to somewere i can find this info. any help apprciated



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Posted: 2007-07-18 10:17:00   

Just type Bangkok in the box Travel search in the menue above. You'll get more than you want to know.


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Joined: Sep 07
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Posted: 2007-10-19 11:43:00   

In Bangkok you will not be bored, unless you hate big citys? this city can be confusing and wounderful at the same time , I suggest that you search the web and "get to know" more about areas that you find intresting ,whatever it may be, cultural ?nightlife? tempels? shopping? then you´ll have an idea of were you should go when you get there, if you just hit the streets outside your hotel,,, it wery difficult to find anything else than crowds, cars,

Get an "overview" and sort out what you want, then you might get something out from you 4 days. the web gives you al the info you´ll need.

and maybe someone to guide you through the city of angels! I hated my first wiew of bkk, now I have become to love it!

good luck,

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Joined: Dec 02
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Posted: 2007-11-05 10:03:00   


Depends what you are interested in. But the classics are visiting Grand Palace, Wat pho, Wat Arun, weekend market, Thai boxing at Lumpini stadium, Chinatown etc...personally I think it is an adventure just to walk around in Bangkok :-)


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Posted: 2007-11-15 05:19:00   

I agree there is plenty to see - most people opt for the Grand palace and a visit by boat to the floating markets. If you are there on a weekend don't miss Chatuchak markets they are huge and are an experience in themself. The other 2 things that I would recommend that I was not aware on my last visit . This is especially so if you like animals - the Royal Elephant Camp in Ayutthaya about 75kms from Bangkok not to be confused with Elephant Circus this is a sanctuary for rescued elephants and then there is the Tiger Temple at Kanchanaburi. Cost from $10 a person or Day tours from $80 a person. Telephone: 0011 66 34 531 557 8 or 0011 66 3334 531 5578 Website: This is run by monks and their main aim is to foster buddism but this is one place you get up close and personal with these magnificent animals.

Have fun.



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Joined: Jun 07
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Posted: 2007-11-15 09:57:00   

I was in Kanchanaburi just a couple of weeks ago. The problem with the Tiger Temple is that there are so many people going there now it has become a bit of a conveyor belt. There is not really any interaction with the tigers any more other than having your photo taken with them.

The temple doesn't open to the public until after midday by which time the tigers have been fed and are doing what any self respecting cat does on a hot afternoon. They are sleeping.

It is still worth going to and your donations are much appreciated. They go towards a halfway house project; a place where future generations of of tigers can grow with minimal human contact in the hope that one day they can start to reintroduce to the wild.

No need to book tours. I hired a car and driver from my hotel for less than US$50. I went around the war memorial and museum at hellfire pass, death railway Sai Yok waterfalls and the temple. A nice day trip.


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