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White peacock's by aufgehts

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information about united-states  CharlestonUnited States, South Carolina
I had never seen a white peacock before...he was at Magnolia Gardens along with many other critters.
Uploaded: Apr, 01 2008 | Taken: Apr, 01 2008| Viewed: 68 times  | 12 votes
Camera: SONY | Model: DSC-H3 | Exposure 10/5000s, ISO 125 | FLength: 11mm

mistybleu - Apr, 01 2008 08:04pm
It is really amazing to see a white peacock; I've only ever see another one of these and that was from davidx.

It's a wonderful picture

aufgehts - Apr, 01 2008 08:04pm
Thanks, Amanda....I didn't even know that they existed!

louis - Apr, 02 2008 03:04am
Great picture, this is the first time when I see white peacock

krisek - Apr, 02 2008 06:04am
Absolutely wonderful! I have never seen a white peacock. I like that it takes almost the entire frame of the photo. Brilliant.

davidx - Apr, 02 2008 11:04am
Mine from Madeira can be seen at
It's not as good as this one but it was the nearest to a display that it did and that only lasted a second or two. Fortunately my camera was pointed the right way at the time..

zrusseff - Apr, 05 2008 01:04pm
Quite a regal display you captured. Very beautiful.

eirissa - Jul, 20 2008 02:07pm
I love it - looks so unreal:)

plancarpin - Sep, 01 2008 05:09pm
Jill, you are the peacock's Queen! are you hypnotizing them to shoot them flaring their feathers like that!

ecotrails - Feb, 25 2009 12:02am
Really cute picture of peacock.. Georgey

jacko1 - Feb, 25 2009 11:02am
My first sight too, it looks almost unreal!

porto - Feb, 25 2009 11:02am
Yes Jill,very nice and no chance of mistaking this one for a heron!

jacko1 - Feb, 25 2009 11:02am
I don't know Fred, stranger things have happened!

pesu - Feb, 25 2009 11:02am
Oh, please, must put in a good word for Fred - it was just a stork one single time. Nobody is perfect. :)

porto - Feb, 25 2009 11:02am
Thank you Petra,as you know I was only testing observation skills well that's my excuse.hehehe

jacko1 - Feb, 25 2009 12:02pm
I have a long memory Fred! hehe.

aufgehts - Feb, 25 2009 12:02pm
Poor Fred and his heron/stork! Thanks for letting us have fun at your expense!

porto - Feb, 25 2009 12:02pm
Yes Jill,a true saying is this,A happy heart is like medicine.

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