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Traveling Britain and Ireland on a budget...

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Posted: 2004-10-18 04:24:00   

I am new to backpacking around Europe, I am heading out to England, Scotland and Ireland for just under 3 weeks on a pretty steep budget. I would of preferred to go for longer but with my current situation, I could only manage a few weeks. I have been reading many travel books and websites about Europe and Great Britain. I am very weary about the travel books though and am sure the best info would come from natives to the areas and experienced travelers. Please help me with any information you have. I will more than likely be traveling alone. And I want to pack very very lightly. down to a backpack. Packing advice and advice on anything really welcomed!!! Thank You ALL!

Amalia AKA "Amy" Aspiring World Traveler

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Posted: 2004-12-06 15:07:00   

Hi Amy,

I see you haven't been around for a while and this reply might be a bit late, but if you're still looking for some advise or help, let me know. I've been to scotland a couple of times.

If, on the other hand, you already got back from Europe, let us all know and share your experience.

Richard -- Gnothi Seauton --

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Posted: 2004-12-13 19:53:00   

Hey Amy,

Im British , got a few tips for you ....skip london ...its crap.hehehehe no seriously if you want a slightly different tilt on England come up north to Yorkshire its great up hear . Check out my report on Leeds . Its cheaper up hear and were allot more warm and friendly . The scenery is to die for and the locals are somewhat colourfull you will LOVE it , I promise you. You can go surfing on our coast , climbing ,mountain biking in the hills or just sit and have a pint of ale and a laugh at the locals , cmon what you waiting for !!!!!


Do Not tip-toe through life to arrive safely at deaths door!! To surf or not to surf , flat? is the queastion.

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