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that would be my pleasure to accept my friendship and share your ideas with me

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Joined: Mar 06
Points: 6237


Posted: 2006-06-04 03:24 PM   
az baradaram porsidam, goft ke mashhad hazine ye visa hodude 80,000 toman mishe, va albate goft ke visa ro hamrah ba hotel midan,un ham tayeed kard ke mashhad taghriban arzuntar dar miad.
man dar yahoo ham baratun of gozashtam vali fekr mikonam be dastetun nareside.
sarboland bashid.


Joined: Oct 05
Points: 4803


Posted: 2006-05-31 03:53 PM   
salam mr.
vallla man fekr kardam shoma dige oon reportetoono gozashtin kenar,va baraie chizhaie jadid soal mikonid:)
vali ba in hal baz ham farghi nemikone,tourista 2model hastand,farhangi va tafrihi:)..
keep in touch


Joined: Oct 05
Points: 4803


Posted: 2006-05-26 02:58 AM   
bebakhsh:))man engar save o 4,5bari zadam?!!!


Joined: Oct 05
Points: 4803

hi :)

Posted: 2006-05-26 02:56 AM   
Hi so sorry for delaying,..well,man fekr mikonam ie reporte khoob baiad shamel kheili chiza bashe,az ie noghte shorro beshe va dar ie masir harekat kone,tooie in masir chizaie jalebo neshoonbede,khosoosan nokate farhangi,b nazare man touristi k b iran miad,ie touriste farhangie na tafrihi!!va az oonjaiee k adamaie biroon az iran dide khoobi nesbat b ma nadarn,pas baiad amniat va emkanat ro tooie report hes konan, makanhaie esterahat va eghamat mitoone mofid bashe dar kenare neshoon dadane jazabiatha,hala mitoonim baham inkaro bokonim,masalan report benvis ,aval baraie man befrest manam roosh nazar bedam,:)i think it can be good;)
rooze khoobi dashte bashi


Joined: Sep 04
Points: 16785

hiya jafar

Posted: 2006-05-04 08:56 AM   
i just rated your report
nice read though a little short on details and pics.
any more reports on your way?
how has your travels been for this year?


Joined: Oct 05
Points: 4803

hello arash khan

Posted: 2006-05-01 02:05 AM   
salam b shoma,sorry for being late,i think about apointment,and i prefer not to socialize out of this community:)accept my apologize



Joined: Aug 04
Points: 34752

Architect Jafar

Posted: 2006-04-08 09:33 AM   
A pleasure to read a report like yours. You are an architect, I am a construction manager so we like the same when we travel, to see new and different buildings and structures. Have you seen the pictures of member 'spaceout'? From her travel pictures she is an architect too I think.


Joined: Aug 04
Points: 13010

Happy New Year!

Posted: 2006-03-20 05:31 AM   
sale nou mobarak! all the best from Frankfurt to you and your family! Ralph


Joined: Oct 05
Points: 4803

hi mr.

Posted: 2006-03-16 02:53 AM   
hi Mr. Bagheri
i didnt know you live here,i see ur profile :)
glad to see u too


Joined: Aug 04
Points: 13010

Torkman report

Posted: 2006-03-15 11:35 AM   
Congratulation friend! Thanks for writing a report - as I know we do not have any member from Turkmenistan. I traveled along the border as I was in Iran, and meet quite a lot of "businessmen". Wish you all the best, Ralph

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