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free accomodation all over the world :-))

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Posted: 2006-04-22 17:34:00   

I have found a great network for free accomodation all over the world :-)) In the beginning I thought it sounds too good to be true, but I have tried it -- and I had two very good experiences whilst staying with members of this network so far.

The only requirement you need to meet: Be willing to offer accomodation for as many nights as you spend in someone else's home -- but I personally think that's a very interesting way to meet people from all over the place as well :-))

If you are interested in this network you may check it out at -- this is no advertisment !!!

I just think it is a good tip for everyone travelling a lot to save much money !!

I don't run this site as a business, and the owner of this site does not take any profit out of it ...

(I hope i won't get into trouble for posting this link here ???)


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Posted: 2006-04-22 19:16:00   

well this sounds unrealistic ,may be practical ,i am not sure.

at bangalore /back 2 globo after a long

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Posted: 2006-04-23 16:33:00   

Good health and high spririts!

This site is legit.. there are many like this. It is called International hosting. I do this here in Canada. It is a cool way to meet people from all over the world who are visiting your little part of the world. You meet so many interesting different people who are here for different reasons. I have hosted people from Isreal (taking a break from their work in Banff), Russia (members of the world masters games) and at the end of this month Belgium (university students from Belgium packing through canada).

I stayed at a hosts place in New Orleans. They gave me a room, made me feel comfortable and then we went about or own ways. They gave me valuable input about their city, the must sees and must not see etc..

The cool thing is about it is that you stay with so many different lifestyles from large families to single students. With seniors and teens. You may sleep on a bed, couch on the floor etc but it is always free. The only thing you must do when your at a hosts is obey their rules and clean up after yourself.

the majority of these places are hosted by other "backpackers" but there are alot that are not.

For those who want more security of where they are staying can go through:

this organization screens people before they stay at someones place. You have to pay a fee and have an interview with someone from the organization in your area. Once you get their approval you will carry a paper that introduces you to your prospective host and you must identify yourself with your passport etc.

There are other hosting sites such as: aka --globofreeloaders

If you are the type of person who enjoys hanging with people you don't know, and crashing on a couch or whatever.. then this may be for you. In New Orleans, I had my own room, a huge bed in a mansion in the garden district. My hosts were ages 65 and 68. I met their families and ate a wonderful meal at their place.

In another place, I was given introductions, shown a cot, given a key and left alone cause my hosts had to work and go to school. When we joined up again at night we went out and bought something to eat and some beers. Then more of their friends showed up and it was a party night. (this was a tues.) needless to say, I thanked the hosts and found myself a cheap hotel. It is totally up to you to stick around if you want.

try it, you might like it.



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Posted: 2010-03-18 00:55:00   

Every GLOBOmember should actually be a member of CouchSurfing too and if needed start collecting references by hosting some lonley travellers! My profile there is
I was sceptical first but my first six hosts have become fantastic friends. I now have enough references to couch anywhere in the worl!

The couchsurfers in a large city like Munich (2000 members, 200 active) organise one to three events EVERY day! Some of the events are crazy like why did I miss this?
(excuse the introduction - it is bastos!)

Rudolf "Rangutan" Graspointner

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