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Import-Export opportunities

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Posted: 2006-04-28 09:37:00   

Recently I got spam advertising with offer of the e-guide for the travelling and living by importing and exporting goods. I dont think such idea wil work, however I think it may be wise to create a list of cross-linked goods for import and export. I believe pretty much of peoples bring stuff to sell on the way back to home. But what if this idea will be extended? Like visit Thailand, invest extra $1000 into silver crafts, go to Europe, sell em, and get airfare covered by profit?!

So I would like to start from my native location. I believe caviar may be good import opportunity for any traveller to Russia. Red caviar cost around $50 per kg here - certified and packed in metal boxes, can be easily transported or stored. Usual caviar cost around $15 per kg. Black caviar is too expensive to take a risk I think ;-)

Speaking about my travelling experience I can tell that it worth to consider silver-made crafts as import opportunity from India. Its possible to get a good price for really nice stuff, however I believe its mostly exported to India from Thai ;-)

What else can be imported or exported? Russian military hats?! Precious stones?! Sandal wood?! Any feedback will be appreciated ;-)

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Posted: 2006-04-28 16:25:00   

Nice to read your posting,well it seems that you have a good knowledge of buisness.

But honestly if you ask me,I find it difficult to sell things as we need to know the market in details .

good luck


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Posted: 2007-01-12 16:54:00   

The problem is people already do this. Large firms bring in containers full of such goods. They have already created distribution networks which result in sales of their goods. Can you imagine the hassle of bringing back a $1000 worth of silver and walking around shops etc trying to sell one or two pieces at a time? The only potential option is ebay, but people have started using this too and ethnic goods etc are often undervalued on it.

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Posted: 2008-05-20 21:10:00   

Hi. Have you find any import-export opportunity? I am trying to find any. Now I am making contact with a supplier at Honk Kong to import electronics to my country. But it is a competitive market. Perhaps there is any other type of goods that has no big competition.

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