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Joined: Jun 11
Points: 947

Posted: 2011-06-12 05:50 PM   
My is miss zarrina
I am a girl please you can contact
Me directly to my inbox
So that i will send my photo directly to you
In my next mai


Joined: Nov 08
Points: 113

how are you

Posted: 2008-11-11 08:17 PM   
how are you my name is seydou i'm from senegal west africa i want you be my friends


Joined: Sep 05
Points: 111

hi joy!

Posted: 2005-09-28 05:01 AM   
hi joy~ just browsing through old forums i read you are going back to beijing?? if you know the city, are there any especially interesting parts to venture into? hopefully december the 1st for me:)

~ sarah


Joined: Dec 04
Points: 34719


Posted: 2005-06-10 04:28 AM   
Hi Joy
Thanks for the comment on my report. I had papers from my back pocket stolen once in Barcelona - like in your case it would have been a disappointed thief. Two very small Asian women got a note once in Madrid. I did feel silly but big men don't push little woman down stairs!
Cheers, David


Joined: Dec 04
Points: 34719


Posted: 2005-06-09 01:29 PM   
Hi Joy
I don't know of anything that depends on points except access to one forum.
I certainly don't bother that much or I shouldn't have done any without photos. On the other hand it's a sign of the amount of pleasure it gives to others and I admit to enjoying the sensation from getting a 5*.
As far as photos go, there has been a massive debate in the 'travel writing' forum and I took the line of not downgrading ones without pictures to the point that would discourage people.
I mentioned them in my comment because most people do seem a bit obsessed with them and it's always good to see someone progressing up the points scale if that's what they want.
However I'm sure it's not worth getting points at the expense of your own enjoyment in doing reports.
Cheers, David


Joined: May 04
Points: 6895

Greetings from Kerala !

Posted: 2005-06-09 01:10 AM   
Hi Joy,
Welcome to our travel family here at Globo and Greetings from 'God's own Country'. I look forward to seeing pictures and more reports from you. Take care and stay in touch.
Kris Kandath


Joined: Jul 04
Points: 15194


Posted: 2005-06-08 11:40 PM   
Welcome to Globosapiens. I looked at your reports and I liked the one on Cuba. Your reports will get better ratings if you add some pics to them, or make them longer. Still, they are a good first effort. Keep it up!


Joined: May 03
Points: 8634

Hello, Joy

Posted: 2005-06-08 10:43 AM   
I want to be one of the first to welcome you to Globosapiens. We have a wonderful group of fellow travellers from throughout the world. Please feel free to use any of us as resources for your travel questions. We look forward to seeing your sharing of travel experiences and photos. Again, welcome.

It is wonderful to see your early contributions in the fora.



Joined: Aug 04
Points: 53322

Welcome to Globo

Posted: 2005-06-08 08:00 AM   
Hi Joy,

Welcome to Globo; this is a fantastic site where like minded travellers exchange ideas, tips and photos.

I hope you enjoy being a member and you can share some of your experiences.

Good luck


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