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Kookaburra's by britman

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information about australia  WoodenbongAustralia, New South Wales
Kookaburras are native Australian Forest birds they have short, thick bodies, large heads and long bills. Their feathers are brown, black or white. There are blue patches on some of the feathers. Males and females look similar.
Uploaded: Oct, 18 2009 | Taken: Oct, 18 2008| Viewed: 76 times  | 6 votes
Camera: NIKON CORPORATION | Model: NIKON D90 | Exposure 10/500s, ISO 800 | FLength: 95mm | SW: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows

porto - Oct, 18 2009 07:10am
And again, posing nicely on a branch too!

pesu - Oct, 18 2009 08:10am
Did you hear him 'laugh'? In German, we call him 'Lachender Hans' (Laughing Hans) - it is amazing.

jacko1 - Oct, 18 2009 08:10am
In England we call him ' the laughing jackass' good shot!.

frenchfrog - Oct, 20 2009 07:10am
These birds are so cute, in French they are called martin-chasseur géant.

pesu - Oct, 20 2009 12:10pm
I love learning languages on Globo... ;-)

mistybleu - Oct, 20 2009 12:10pm
I just learnt the the nursey rhyme when I was younger:
"Kookaburra sits on the old gum treee, merry merry king of the bush is he; laugh Kookaburra, laugh Kookaburra. Gay your life must be."

aufgehts - Oct, 20 2009 02:10pm
Amanda, this was a song when I was little! Everytime I hear Kookaburra, I think of this song which is exactly the same as your nursery rhyme. BTW, this is a great pic of a little bird with a big laugh!

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