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Honduras during the coup

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Posted: 2009-10-12 21:31:00   

I just got back last week from several days in Honduras. Despite the ongoing coup, the borders were open and little seemed affected. One upside to a country with an active coup - no tourists at ruins and everyone is very happy to see you.

The biggest impact seemed to be in restaurants where deliveries were not received and some items on the menu were not available. A cold beer can make up for a lot of things and there was plenty of that!

Unless you are traveling to San Pedro d' Sula or Tegucigalpa, I wouldn't be overly concerned. We had no problem getting in or out of the borders. There were lines and lines of trucks waiting to be inspected in both directions, but we were sped right through that!

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Posted: 2009-10-13 12:23:00   

Thank you Eire for your encouraging post. From past experience, tourists are typically ignored by political unrest anywhere in the world, with few exceptions of China and sometimes Vietnam, unless we talk about a full scale war, of course. Provided that visitors stay away from demonstrations, they do not attract attention from the authorities. In contrary, presence of tourists is often considered somewhat placating, giving a signal, if only superficially, that whatever is happening cannot be serious enough to close down the country.

In the past, I have been travelling in a few countries where 'things' were happening, but I was happily unaware of them at all, as I tend not to look at world news when I am on the road. One year, I was sitting at an airport on my way out, and from newspapers scattered around the departure lounge, I found out that there was something happening.

Central America is perhaps less safe for travellers compared to other popular destinations for a number of reasons. Crime is one. Bad road conditions is the other. And the fact that many people carry guns (although tourists are prohibited from carrying weapons!) does not contribute to the feeling of being safe... However, Honduras (!!), Guatemala (!!!), Belize, El Salvador, Nicaragua (!!), Costa Rica, and Panama are all fascinating places to visit. One just need to check the routes before travelling and avoid wandering to spots, where violent crime is frequent or check with the police and the locals. Situation is obviously changing constantly, and sights visited by tourists have been cleared of bandits.

Anyway, happy travelling all! Obviously our Globo is one of the best sources of up-to-date information!

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