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Pls recommend clean, inexpensive hotel/hostel in New York City

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Posted: 2008-03-27 15:56:00   

Needed for May 16-20. I searched on this site and several others but get mixed reviews so I am not sure. My usual place is booked up and never had to really search for another hostel. Please recommend something cheap, clean, bugless, not too noisy if possible, preferably where you have stayed several times and recommend highly or know that many recommend...! Thanks!!


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Posted: 2008-03-27 17:07:00   

At the end of Jan 2007, I stayed at Marrakech Hotel, Upper West Side - upper Broadway. It is very conveniently located - almost in the middle of Manhattan. There is a superb pub half a block away, as well. It is a Moroccan style hotel, so it is slightly different than others. The lobby bar is fantastic and the bartenders are real friendly - not just professionally friendly. The hotel is safe. There is no lift (elevator).

But this is a cheap hotel with no frills. The rooms aren't that great, but clean with clean bathrooms. But make sure you check yours, as my friends staying in the other wing of the hotel had to call the maid to 'finish' her job. The hotels had received very mixed reviews, particularly re a bedbug problem they had had, but some recent reviews were fine and quite positive. For that price no-one should expect luxury though... If they have a few rooms available - make sure you see more than one. is their website.



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Posted: 2008-03-28 02:05:00   

The same problem as in London, Moscow, Tokyo...... New York has run out of space. I remember wanting to check into a hostel for low $50 and leaving the smelly and slymy place immediately ending up paying $150 for a simple hotel.

Can New Yorkers help us here? I think the way to find a 'cheeper' place is to find accommodation about an hour out of Manhattan with good bus or train connection. Which sub-urban or nearby cities/towns though?

Added: GLOBO's 'Hostels' search always finds a lot of hostels if 'cheap' is most important. New York from $35-$50:

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