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Uluru A pretty city without secrets. Prague. 
The last time I was in the Czech capital it was on the 12 October 1997. Quite a while ago. Most of t... more

Uluru Picturesque Prague 
In 1993 the Velvet Revolution saw the end of communism and Czechoslovakia, and the birth of the Czec... more

Uluru Traveller in Prague 
I heard stories about Prague's crammed streets and crowds of tourists.

Believe me, thi... more

Uluru Prague AGAIN? There's plenty left to be said. 
There is so much and it’s hard to know what to sacrifice. I largely sacrificed the ‘New Town’,... more

Uluru Prague - The Architectonic Jewel of Central Europe 

Where does one begin when exploring this maze of historical wonder? In a cit... more

Uluru Prague in February 
A friend and I took a weekend trip to Prague in February. It was cold, but this did not stop us from... more

Uluru The further east you go... 
The further east you go in Europe, the more magical it becomes. You really get the feeling that batm... more

Uluru Prague, the most beautiful city in Europe 
It’s not for nothing that Prague has nick names like the Golden City, The City Of The Hundred Towe... more

Uluru A visit to Prague 
It's a wonderful, picturesque city. There are some must-haves and it's really worth visiting them (d... more

It's an old an magic city, plenty of wanderfuls hauses and bridges, middle age churchs and many thea... more

prague in winter 
-have only visited for 3 days in the winter, stayed in the old section and ran out of time to see an... more

History meets modernism 
Prague is a great place. That's great to take a walk in a city and remember whats you read about its... more


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