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Improved Spam Protection

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Posted: 2008-08-05 21:19:00   

Hello everybody,

as you know spam is a major problem on the Internet. Those criminals try to find ways to send their unwanted messages wherever they can. GLOBOsapiens has automated systems in place that reached a point of complexity which is far beyond the complexity of other features like for example the report engine.

On GLOBOsapiens there is an invitation form, where you can invite your friends to join us. Unfortunatelly this form has been abused to send "Nigeria connection" e-mails to hundreds of thousands of Internet users. Can you believe that? Who on earth would search, find and abuse this wonderful tool for sending bulk e-mails? It took quite some time to find the cause. Some E-Mail providers had GLOBOsapiens on the black list for a few hours. They have removed us from this list by now. Funny enough those things always happen on a weekend :-)

Anyhow this possibility to send unlimited e-mails to any E-Mail-Address from GLOBOsapiens through our servers has been closed now. A new spam detection system is in place which monitors the quantity and quality of the invitation E-Mails. In case of abuse it will instantly freeze the account of the sender and log him out. Problem solved :-)

Best regards,


This problem could not and did not effect the member E-Mail-Addresses. All spam E-Mails have been sent to Addresses provided by the spammers.

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