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Picture ratings will no longer be anonymous

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Posted: 2008-06-20 13:33:00   

Hello everybody,

starting at 2pm at GMT+1 all future picture ratings will no longer be anonymous! This is a result of learning process we had to go through. Unfortunately every few months there seems to be trouble with downgrading and upgrading pictures. We tried to get hold of the problem by implementing more and more automated systems but eventually we have to admit that it is not possible without human interaction. So here we are. 100% transparency. Let's see where this will lead and if the rating quality will increase.

The information is available in each member profile under the activity section: "Rated pictures of others". Of course all previous ratings will stay anonymous!

Best regards, Andy

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Posted: 2008-06-20 18:33:00   

This is what Andreas wrote in answer to Krisek's question wher to find the open votes

{QUOTE} Sorry to go a bit of topic here. I just saw the posting of Krisek and Marianne. The open votes are accessible inside the member accounts. For example here: Krisek for example voted 4* on this one. I would like to avoid discussions on why someone voted 3* instead of 5*, which is why it is inside each account and not underneath each picture. That way we can identify downgraders, while in the same time one can make his/her vote without pressure :-) [END QUOTE]

Now I know where to look for it. Excellent addition.

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Posted: 2008-06-20 20:22:00   

This feature should help members rate more responsibly and according to the guidlines and recommendations at

I wish members would wait for the average of 10 ratings before getting upset but this feature helps for pictures less rated, hundreds of pictures have been rated only once!

To promote rating, should we ask for a point for every 10 pictures rated?

The feature shows the sum of ALL pictures ever rated. I see that some members that moan about ratings have only rated pictures taken by others very few times!!!

[Small error: a page with the comment; "Sorry no picture ratings by this member after June 20th 2008..." still appears at the end of the lists]

Rudolf "Rangutan" Graspointner

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Posted: 2008-06-23 14:06:00   

Hi Andy

I like the fact that it is now possible to discover how someone voted but I have 2 queries about your messages on

1. Surely it is easy to get a false result for a long time if two deliberate downgraders get their 1*s in first?

2. If I had graded Adam's picture 1* but not left a message - as these people don't - why should he think of looking in my account?

I know you think you have hit on a good compromise. At present I am for complete transparency in the hope that we are all grown up enough to give and be seen to give honest assessments - except for the hiding nasties and the idea is to either make them stop or expose them.

best wishes


Grieve not for that which you cannot do but rejoice in that which you can.

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Posted: 2008-07-23 00:17:00   

Hmm interesting as I was looking up on Marianne's, my neighbor from the southerly province of our lightbulb pioneer, Anton Philips. instead, I noticed the 1st ever description of Moderator on Andreas... oooh, what a delight, its like seeing a "fireman" around with a bushfire behind me...:)

I guess when in any Forum or site, rating another can be a game, excitement, inspiration as well as motivating both ways, positively & deliberate negativity... which is sad & uncalled among adults.

Yes, rating should be viewed as a form of appreciation in recognizing efforts made to captivate through the lens with a given aptitude to a skillful interpretation. That said, it can conjure controversy among talented critics as well as raise hopes to young novices learning beauty through the lens with or without a tripod at hand. I believe, to dispel all forms of disputes and ill-meant grading of each other at any opportunity, and wanting to pursue transparency, a full coming forward in addressing it should leave no doubts of the goals intended.

I have no qualms either when voting or rating a well snapped & deserving shot with a rating I clearly understand as respectable, to one that clearly earns no more for lack of substance, quality left aside due to professional material involved or lack of, the name by default should simply appear after the vote is given.

Why should anyone feel ashamed of his/her rating? It will also prove a level of consistency with a clear pattern as the person is judged for unbiased neutrality with objectivity shown.

I hope, we all look at the content(s) and substance exposed within and/or from the angle taken to project quality with depth given before it was snapped, that's where the keen eye will determine without the preview of the author or his/her standings in the GS Blog or the contributions past or as of late that appeared interesting or otherwise.

This will allow many to give themselves a chance too at being bold and allowing themselves to increase their valued or increase their experience with a forgiven appraisal desired by all involved.

I look forward to good snaps and bad shots becoming less resulting from the transparency striven for.


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Posted: 2008-07-23 00:44:00   

WOW, I completely missed this new development! I think this is a nice step in the right direction - can we do the same for report rating? So much time is spent pulling together a good report that I would sincerely like to know how I could improve or what someone thought was lacking.

Another comment - I clicked on a couple of "rated pictures of others" and it really does point out that some members don't take advantage of the opportunity to rate. I looked at a bunch of Amanda's pictures today that went unrated a couple of days ago. They were terrific but missed because of the abundance of pictures posted. Can we revisit Rudi's idea of points for every 10 or something else to encourage rating?

Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away. Profile Pic: Tikal, Guatemala

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