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Bathroom (Sanitorio) - from the inside....'s by eirekay

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information about guatemala  El Mirador Basin PreserveGuatemala, Petén
True story: At 3:30am my body has declared a coupe and requires a trip to the Sanitario. I don the heap lamp and head out across the clearing which has been abandoned by all but one mule. Think about lights and bugs for a moment. Midway across the clearing I am attacked smack between the eyes by a 2 inch cockroach. I suppress a scream which comes out as a strange kind of yip and start swinging my arms wildly. The startled mule starts braying loudly. I start speaking to the mule in Spanish, trying to calm it down. As if on cue, I hear cracking branches above me. So does the mule. A turkey, which had perched itself in the tree above us, has lost its grip and comes cascading through the branches to the ground, landing with a thud. It recovers, starts towards me, the mule still between us, but thinks better of the idea and runs squawking into the forest. The mule is now inconsolable and is literally crapping and bucking at the same time. Crap is flying everywhere – I duck and cover my
Uploaded: Aug, 09 2010 | Taken: Jun, 13 2010| Viewed: 24 times  | 1 vote
Camera: Panasonic | Model: DMC-TZ5 | Exposure 10/80s, ISO 400 | FLength: 5mm | SW: Ver.1.0

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