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Error Reporting group posting on GLOBOsapiens

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Database error?

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Posted: 2003-08-21 13:16:00   

I just wanted to report that the last time (means: this time) I logged in, I didn't get the number of posts, pictures, albums etc. that have been added since the last time. This time I got the end totals. Meaning that there were 888 new posts, 50 new albums, 2000-something new users etc.

You probably know, but I still thought I'd tell you....might also be a cookie problem from my side, but when I opened the forum, only the messages that were new showed as new...

Anyways, I suppose you know what to do about it.


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posting by staff

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Posted: 2003-08-22 20:19:00   

thats verry strange. Does this happen very often? If you have more details on this, please let me know about it.

As soon as I can reproduce this error, I will be able to fix it.


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