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Better in France?

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Joined: Sep 07
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Posted: 2007-09-23 03:28:00   

I'm gearing up for my yearly trip to France, where my sister is studying. The last time I was there I kept seeing offers of vacation properties and since I go out there so often I'm thinking it might be a good way to go. It's tempting, but all I know of these type properties is from timeshares in the US, which are synonymous with scam, or is the market in Europe different?

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Joined: Sep 07
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Posted: 2007-10-01 22:50:00   

I work at a travel agency and there have been a lot of attempts to clean up the vacation property market, to no avail, since a lot of frauds keep changing their names, moving around, etc. It's difficult for the EU to do anything since it isn't quite like the US, where you have a number of states under federal law. In any case, most Franco-British tourists are looking to LEAVE their respective countries so I wasn't aware there was a big market in France, but it makes sense. Check out this article on scams: And just remember not to trust anyone when traveling.

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