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zighurat or choghazanbil temple,shush,iran's by farnaz

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information about iran  ShushIran, Khøzestån
this is one of the oldest buildings in the world
Uploaded: Mar, 10 2006 | Taken: Mar, 12 2004| Viewed: 71 times  | 8 votes

mrscanada - Jan, 22 2007 05:01pm
I like this picture very much.

aufgehts - Feb, 14 2008 09:02pm
Who knew such wonderful things existed? I will have to Google this to find out more...very impressive photo!

shervin19 - Aug, 04 2011 09:08am
yes sorrily many amazing parts and turistic features of Iran is unknown to the world.

shervin19 - Aug, 04 2011 09:08am
"The large Choghazanbil temple is one of the three ancient monuments in Iran which have been registered in the Index of World Heritage. The Elamites built this temple approximately 1250 BCE and it resembles the architecture employed in the Egyptian pyramids and Mayan temples."

shervin19 - Aug, 04 2011 09:08am
"The Choghazanbil ziggurat (building by Dur-Untash) is the only surviving ziggurat in Iran and is one of the most important remnants of the Elamite civilization. The Elamite citizens were a nation who lived in Iran about 2500 years BCE and succeeded to announce their existence at Awan (now called Shoushtar, a town in Khouzestan Province). According to the chronicles of the Old Testament, an ancient king named Kedor Laomer in Elam succeeded to extend his domain as far as Palestine (Genesis, Chapter 14). The significance of the scientific and cultural achievements of Elamites and their influence on other civilizations can be better understood when we learn that the first wheeled pitcher (the first wheeled roller) was apparently invented by human beings at Elam. On the other hand the first arched roof and its covering which is a very important technique in architecture was invented by the Elamite and used in the mausoleum of Tepti-ahar around 1360 BCE (unearthed in the excavations made at

shervin19 - Aug, 04 2011 09:08am
(unearthed in the excavations made at Haft Tappeh) nearly 1,500 years before such arches were used by the Romans.

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