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Air Baltic - 20 euro to check your backpack!

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Posted: 2011-06-21 21:04:00   

Hi Globies!
Air Baltic has quite good prices, especially if you book well ahead. It does not look like low-cost carrier.
I was very surprised that they charged extra 20 euro for the first piece of your checked luggage. And you have to pay that when you buy your ticket. Shame!
Do you have such experience dealing with the other airlines?

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Posted: 2011-06-22 14:28:00   


Many low fares airlines are now charging for checking in luggage. I think this scheme was introduced by Ryanair a couple of years ago, and other airlines followed. The cheapest way is to do it online while booking, otherwise the cost of puting a bag into the aircraft's hold can tripple.

Ryanair, easyJet, Wizzair are all charging for check-in luggage. I also think that similar policy is in place for low fares carriers in Asia and Latin America.

If I am not wrong, other airlines require passangers to indicate how many pieces of luggage they would like to check in and either charge for them or not. I think this is the case with Air Canada and Virgin Atlantic, on which I have recently travelled.

Kind regards

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Posted: 2011-06-27 09:51:00   

I suppose all budget airlines charge for registered baggage.In Asia, except a very few, all airlines wants you to pay on line at the time of booking for checked in baggage of specific weight. It is better and cheaper if you pay on line while booking your flight ticket.The fee for registered baggage is also given for the desired weight. Extra charge for golf sets and other abnormal measurements.

If you the weight is extra even by a kilogram or if you have failed to pay on line, then the charges are exhorbitant.

Also your hand baggae should not be more than 7kgs( in most airlines).Some airlines will weigh your hand baggage too as it happened to me in Singapore's budget terminal.

These are the areas where budget airlines make money!!

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Posted: 2011-06-27 23:30:00   

Hi All

Yes Ryanair even charge £6 pounds each way for booking with a debit/credit card but no charge if you use a pre-paid mastercard, still if you go easy on the amount of luggage that you take you can still get a flight at a really good price and anytime that I have used Ryanair they have always been on time, they also charge extra for priority boarding and Jet2 also have a charge for booking your choice of seat but again my personal experience of them is on time flights and friendly staff.
All the best

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