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Business accounts on GLOBO - unknown, confusing; Remove or develop

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Posted: 2005-01-12 12:26:00   

Hi all active GLOBO users,

it came to my atention that the Business Accounts on GLOBO are not known, since there where some misunderstandings about those accounts. Some people thought they where ilegal advertisement.

BA (in short) can be found on the right site of the first page on GLOBO, and in the orange menu on the right stating xx tour operators.

Some more info:

The idea behind this is to establish GLOBO as a known resource for indipendent travel and tour offers. So family run businesses for example could be some clients. They pay a moderate fee per year and can upload their tours to GLOBO with a similar account like the members do. Just designed for tour operators.

The accounts are online, and some are even sold, but they are not really going well, plus most members just do not know about them.

I would be interested about your opinion on that, how you see those accounts, if you browsed them ever, your impression and thoughts.

Thank you in advance for any reply on that post.

Best regards,


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Posted: 2005-01-17 12:17:00   

Hi Andy,

A few thoughts......

I find it difficult to distinguish between private and business membership accounts. Perhaps, as suggested previously, - business members could be displayed in a different colour from the black font of ordinary members to distinguish them.

As far as the searching under the orange sections - I must be truthful - I never use them. I don't know about other Globo's but I tend to:-

(1) Rarely use a tour operator - organising my own trips.

(2) Book my own travels using online bucket shops or discounted fares or airline special offers - whoever represents the best value at the time. The same with hotels – I usually go direct to a hotels website – knowing that if you book direct you cut out them paying to an agent commission and thus securing the cheapest rate. The same with car hire – I shop around and see who has the best rates at that time.

(3) Similarly, I have excellent all year round travel insurance with a top Insurance provider (AXA) for around £110 per year and it covers long trips and has few exclusions. Having compared many - I am happy that this is the best available to suit my personal circumstances.

Sorry if this is not want you or the business customers wish to hear – but it is the truth.

Kind regards, Brit


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Posted: 2005-01-17 22:56:00   

Brit, I too have my own favorite sources for travel but have noticed some interesting offers in the corner/side of GLOBO pages now and again. While we might not necessarily be customers for the advertising, times change and new services and offers emerge over time. Also, there are a certain percentage of the thousands of non-members that see our pics/reports and notice the relative sponsor information next to them, certainly those who are just lookin or join when planning a trip to a special target. The advertising must be working otherwise membership would not be free or premium membership would cost 10x more I think.

Rudolf "Rangutan" Graspointner

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