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Joined: Dec 04
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Posted: 2009-01-06 12:49:00   

Have I missed a change in the way new members join? Great as it is to see long lists of joiners, I miss the much fuller information that used to appear. Apart from anything else, I far more often used to write a welcome to someone with similar interests to my own or to someone in a dwelling place where I have been. Now it seems like visiting a black hole.

Please don't tell me about the right of new members to preserve secrecy about themselves. I am quite aware of that but could we be a bit more encouraging to people to give some basic information?

Happy New Year everybody - and if Jan 1 is not NY Day for you, enjoy yours when it comes.

Grieve not for that which you cannot do but rejoice in that which you can.

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Posted: 2009-01-07 00:38:00   

Hello All,

I totally agree with David. I tried to follow similar concept to write a welcome note to new members with similar interests and those, who posted their own profile photo. But, like David, I found that the majority of the new members' profiles do not say anything at all. Not even their hometown...

Perhaps we could agree on a minimum level of information required and make relevant fields mandatory? How about : Hometown; Languages; Gender; and Interests?

Looking forward for some feedback.

Kind regards and Happy New Year!

Open your eyes. Free your mind. Touch lives. Sink into the different. Travel and belong. Profile photo: Palma de Mallorca.

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Joined: Aug 04
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Posted: 2009-01-07 03:32:00   

As I recall, it was changed because new members were finding it difficult to find their city; so this would make it a little easier to join.

But I'm in agreement, there isn't enough information now that would warrant contacting the new members, I now only contact some if they have been brave enough to post a picture and some info on them.

"So many places, so little time" ((*_*))

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Posted: 2009-01-08 22:43:00   

I also think that profiles should be more detailed.
It is better to have fewer members but with their full profile facts, than many almost anonymous, like ghosts.
Furthermore, those last ones use to abandon Globosapiens soon.
Just my 2 rupees.

Bonum est faciendum et prosequendum, et malum vitandum.

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