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The Ubiquitousness of "M"'s by gurneyp

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The latest statistics reveal that the average American is now Overweight. If the trend continues, the average American will be Obese within the next few years. Judging by the ubiquitousness of "M", it appears that we have invited the rest of the world to Dine Along with us.
Uploaded: Feb, 03 2008 | Taken: Feb, 03 2008| Viewed: 29 times  | 3 votes
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davidx - Feb, 04 2008 12:02pm
Yes, Gurney, it's an invitation I have seen in so many countries but I can say I have only ever accepted once [and then only coffee - which was good] on the way to a cremation!

gurneyp - Feb, 04 2008 08:02pm
davidx - the documentary "Supersize Me by Morgan Spurlock" sheds a little light on this matter. Here is a snippet for your consumption:

Morgan Spurlock: What is this a picture of?
Child: I don't know. George W. Bush?
[Morgan shows the camera that it is actually a picture of Jesus]

Morgan Spurlock: Who's that?
[Shows picture of Ronald MacDonald]
Child1: MacDonald, Ronald MacDonald.
Child2: MacDonald!

Morgan Spurlock: Where have you seen him?
Child1: On television, on the commercials.
Child2: He's the character that made McDonald's, and he does a lot of funny stuff on TV.

rangutan - Feb, 05 2008 11:02pm
Gurney, that film shocked me too and also in corners of the world like poor Philippines where we see that one gets rice stuffed with the bun (optional)!

Incidentally, the McDo 'am Stachus' in Munich holds a record of most sold McD burgers worldwide!

horourke - Feb, 06 2008 12:02pm
I actually like Mc Donalds. We do not have to overeat there. In fact portions are generally quite modest and in recent times (past four years) salads have been added. Certianly one of the most successful examples of how a high quality service finds demand in many cultures. Once attended a tasting of proposed Mc donald Pilmeyni at Sonsova in Moscow. I do not know if the product prospered.

gurneyp - Feb, 10 2008 01:02am have hit the "Bulls Eye" on this topic. It is not always a matter of where we eat, but a matter of what and how much we eat.

McDonald's does offer a Caesar Salad {without the fried chicken} with a low fat dressing. If I assume you also order either water or diet Coke, then your meal comes in at 130 Calories and 7 grams of Fat....excellent choice.

Now lets suppose one were to order a Big Mac with supersized French Fries {or Freedom Fries if you prefer} and a supersized regular Coke, then we see a jump to 1420 Calories and 59 grams of Fat. Those figures are not just shocking, they are mind-numbing!

Keep making those good choices and mind the portion size.

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