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Joined: Apr 04
Points: 5264

You been out for any recently???

Posted: 2005-11-11 05:14 PM   
Im now back in the U.K. that sheila Cindy didnt work out... so no worries... in all honesty the waves are better here anyway hope your gettin some... Ill charge one for you..




Joined: Jun 05
Points: 1525

Hi Geo

Posted: 2005-08-25 05:50 AM   
Glad to see you enjoy with my pics. There isa odd baba.......hahahahaha,,,,,,,,, Actually he is doing such that by his regular practice. Keep in touch
have a good day.


Joined: Jul 04
Points: 4746

Great photo!

Posted: 2005-06-20 11:12 AM   
Just want to say that photo of queenstown with the mountains in the background is really superb! The view must me just beyond words for you i guess... That was quite an altitude where you're at....



Joined: May 04
Points: 6895

Brilliant fotos !

Posted: 2005-06-17 01:08 AM   
Hi Geoff,
Greetings from Kerala, 'God's Own Country', India. Had a look through your fotos. Thhey are superab!! Eagerly look forward to reports and other inputs from you. take care and God Bless !!
Kris Kandath


Joined: Aug 04
Points: 52309

They are remarkable

Posted: 2005-03-30 08:17 AM   
Hi Geoff,

Great pictures of Queenstown. It must have been a perfect day their. Did you bungy?




Joined: Apr 04
Points: 5264

Weddings rock dude!!!

Posted: 2005-02-02 01:53 AM   
G'day Mate!!

Hmmmm It wasnt the strippers that got me but a very very beautiful lady called Cindy!!! I was suposed to fly back to England 2 days ago..... but Im still here in D.C. The wedding was awesome !!!
Your photos rock mate stop being a stingy B*stard and get some more waves put up!!! take it easy..and next time your out, get one for me!!




Joined: Sep 03
Points: 20248

photos indonesia

Posted: 2005-02-01 06:38 AM   
I enjoyed your pictures with cars (not yet) overtaking each other, but they soon would, Isuppose. And preferebly at a blind corber.

Where was your Sumbawa picture taken?




Joined: Aug 04
Points: 34267

Paradise Geoff

Posted: 2005-01-05 11:03 PM   
Your picture (check ALL details) is similar to that in my retirement dreamsĀ°! Even the clouds "fart 3x" without anybody complaining :-))


Joined: Apr 04
Points: 5264

Cold n brown!!!!

Posted: 2005-01-05 02:16 PM   
Hey there,

I just put some pics on my site from the surf at my local break......from these you will see that your photos are the stuff of dreams and mine go more into the realms of being nightmares!!!



Joined: Apr 04
Points: 5264


Posted: 2005-01-04 01:12 PM   
OH MY GOD!!!!!!

Your photos are insane mate!!!!
Im on my way T Aus for a year but I have found myself a girlfriend whos mom comes from Bali......she has a house there and everything so Im just sooo stoked to see the waves Im gonna be surfing soon.
You officially Rock man!!! bet you surf too right!!! please tell me you standup!! heheheheh !!

hope to chat soon!!

Matt/ TAZ

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