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Atlas mountains morocco's by jacko1

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information about morocco  Morocco CityMorocco, Marrakech
Travelling towards Agadir and the sahara about 100kms south of Marrakech, an almost barren area, if the people want you to see them, you will!.
Uploaded: Feb, 06 2009 | Taken: Mar, 09 2002| Viewed: 52 times  | 7 votes

pesu - Feb, 06 2009 01:02pm
Fine composition with the clouds, Tony.

basia - Feb, 06 2009 02:02pm
Tony, I like very, colors and clarity. Well done.

porto - Feb, 06 2009 02:02pm
Nice one Tony,where are the herons though?

jacko1 - Feb, 06 2009 07:02pm
Hi Fred, funny thing about Morocco, they have invisible herons, unless you know the magic word, "baksheesh", then anything is possible!!.

porto - Feb, 06 2009 07:02pm
Good reply Tony,I must remember that word!

jacko1 - Feb, 06 2009 07:02pm
Hi Basia, thank you, it was a very lonely place, it seemed to go on forever, I later came upon a traffic accident, none hurt, I will upload a pic.

jacko1 - Feb, 06 2009 07:02pm
Thank you Petra, I was actually looking for any signs of life, I had been driving slowly on some very high and quite dangerous roads for 3hours and felt a need for some human contact.

jacko1 - Feb, 06 2009 07:02pm
Hi Fred, a very loose translation would be "slip enough cash into my sweaty palm and you may have your heart's desires".

porto - Feb, 06 2009 07:02pm
Yes Tony,I am sure those are the magic words.

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