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Oasis in a city.'s by jacko1

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information about spain  TenerifeSpain
Surrounded by the Casablanca apartments in La Paz an ideal place to chill.
Uploaded: Mar, 08 2009 | Taken: Mar, 08 2004| Viewed: 32 times  | 4 votes

aufgehts - Mar, 09 2009 09:03pm
Petra, do you want to have a glass of wine here? Tony, you can join us!

jacko1 - Mar, 09 2009 09:03pm
Sounds like a great idea! plenty of room for all.

frenchfrog - Mar, 10 2009 12:03pm
Tony, Petra and Jill: May I join you????

pesu - Mar, 10 2009 12:03pm
Isabelle, of course, who should we invite else? ;-)

jacko1 - Mar, 10 2009 06:03pm
Only if you promise to behave!.

frenchfrog - Mar, 11 2009 02:03pm
I will behave! Shall we invite Jean-Phillipe as well?

jacko1 - Mar, 11 2009 05:03pm
Certainly Isabelle, he will keep you young maidens in order while Fred, who is also invited , joins me in making friends with the bartender, hehe.

krisek - Mar, 11 2009 07:03pm
Tony, I cannot believe I missed this spot when I went to Tenerife! It looks like a perfect place to 'go glasses' and party!

pesu - Mar, 11 2009 07:03pm
So, Krys, do you want to join us, too? :)

jacko1 - Mar, 11 2009 09:03pm
I am not at all surprised that you missed this Krys, apartamentos Casablanca are built around a square and the only way in is through a reception area, if you stay in the apartments you have a security number which gains entry, no number, no get in. It is not possible to see any of this from the outside. It was originally built as a very high quality time share but it is now possible to stay there, at a price!.

krisek - Mar, 12 2009 08:03am
Petra, Jill, Isabelle, Tony, I would love to join you. Should I call you from the reception area, so you can let me in?

jacko1 - Mar, 12 2009 05:03pm
I shall telephone the management and tell them to expect the International Convention of Globosapiens witha request to have available several hundred apartments and a very well stocked bar!!. See you all there!.

porto - Mar, 12 2009 05:03pm
Certainly is a fine capture here as well,Tony.

plancarpin - Mar, 15 2009 02:03pm
I'm already there.. waiting for you! where are you all????

jacko1 - Mar, 15 2009 05:03pm
We will join you later, we are busy at the moment looking at your wonderful pics.

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