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Do svidania rebiata, Ia vas liubliu's by jorgesanchez

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information about russia  ProvideniyaRussia
They were so kind with me...! I will never forget my Chukchi friends.
Uploaded: Oct, 19 2008 | Taken: Aug, 16 2008| Viewed: 62 times  | 5 votes
Camera: NIKON | Model: E5600 | Exposure 10/1141s, ISO 50 | FLength: 5mm | SW: E5600v1.0

aufgehts - Oct, 19 2008 11:10am
There is so much emotion in this pic- I feel sad you had to leave them!

plancarpin - Nov, 07 2008 04:11pm
Jorge, I found a Chukchi joke for you on the net !
Back in Soviet days, these two Chuchkis were walrus hunting. That entailed walking far out to sea on the ice floes and standing very still, rifle at the ready, next to a big breather hole. The wind was nasty out there on the open ocean and there was no action, but they stayed patient. They stood there and stood there. Finally, one edged slowly over next to the other.

When he got within hearing he asked, "Hey! You want to hear a political joke?"

The other's eyes widened. "Better not! Someone finds out and we get sent away somewhere!"

jorgesanchez - Feb, 15 2009 11:02am
Jill, Plancarpin, sorry, but until now I did not read your comments on my picture.

Jill, yes, they were so kind. They live in the Bering Strait, at the end of the world.

JP: the joke is funny because they live in the most remote place of Russia, if they are sent somewhere that would be a better and closer place to civilization.

I know another Chukchi joke:

“In a snowy day arrives a Chukchi to his home after an exhausted day of work. He orders his wife:

- Chukchi wants to eat

And his wife prepares a fish soup called ukha for him.
When he finish, he says to his wife:

- Now Chukchi wants his wife

And his wife gets undressed and allows her husband to possess her.
When he finish, he orders to his wife:

- Now Chukchi wants his wife to take out his ski carvers from his feet”


(and that is the end of the story)

horourke - Feb, 15 2009 09:02pm
I like the second joke very much. I heard it first in 1979 as we drove from Christinstadt accross Southern Sweden. Then it was a Finnish soldier from a regiment famous for their cross country skiing and the joke went like-. Returning from the Great Patriotic war 1941/45 and interviewed about the first thing he would do on reaching home etc exactly as here said for the second thing "Then I will take off my skis"

It is interesting to see the same story at each end of the Great expanse of Russia "One sixth of the Earth in one small word "RUS"

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