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Nights were magical in French Antarctica Islands!'s by jorgesanchez

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information about reunion  ReunionReunion, Reunion
Penguins in the night
Uploaded: Oct, 08 2005 | Taken: Sep, 01 2005| Viewed: 1622 times  | 106 votes

gloriajames - Jan, 05 2006 10:01am
Truly the best of your best pics!!! And not an everyday scene!

andreas - Jan, 05 2006 10:01am
Wow! Absolutly amazing picture. I am usually not that much into sunset pics as all look more or less the same. But those clouds along with the shiluette of the penguins is just stunning!

titaniah - Jan, 08 2006 08:01am
beautiful! Congratulation, well Done.

rangutan - Jan, 08 2006 10:01pm
Currently my favorite picture at GLOBO of 24k! It is all about our dependence on the sun and our atmosphere, animals appreciate it, humans please conserve it! Jorge, thanks from our hearts for this!

karden - Jan, 19 2006 05:01pm
Good example of being at right moment at right place+having camera with you!Thanks for shraring good photo!

bootlegga - Jan, 28 2006 07:01am
What an amazing sunset!

mistybleu - Jan, 28 2006 12:01pm
I can't believe you didn't win POM with this picture, it is really beautiful - my personal favourite

magsalex - Jan, 30 2006 10:01pm
Outstanding Jorge! Love the light and contrast.

ehs1193 - Feb, 18 2006 06:02pm
Who knew that a picture with penguins could be so beautiful

ehs1193 - Feb, 18 2006 06:02pm
Who knew that a picture with penguins could be so beautiful

ravinderkumarsi - Feb, 28 2006 03:02am
one of the best pictures ever seen

zbird - Mar, 19 2006 01:03am
Simply lovely. I want to go there!

joe_schmidt - Mar, 19 2006 06:03am
One of my top ten here!

st.vincent - Mar, 26 2006 07:03am
Simply a great photo.

lesjame - Mar, 28 2006 09:03am
A great picture was it sun set or sun rise

terje - Apr, 11 2006 04:04pm
Looks like they worship the sun.... :-)

karmapd - Jun, 09 2006 09:06pm
Very good picture. You have the right to be proud! Must have looked absolutely incredible in real life, as the picture is already amazing.

napoles - Aug, 03 2006 12:08am
Absolutely enchanting, i look at this picture and I feel like being transported to that place.

spaceout - Aug, 03 2006 12:08pm
Awesome. Dreamlike quality.

adisidh - Aug, 04 2006 12:08am

rangutan - Aug, 04 2006 03:08am
... a pity this top photograph was uploaded to Reunion, about three thousand kilometers from where the picture was really taken, one could also upload it to Greater London or Beijing? :- (

karlakern - Aug, 26 2006 09:08pm
Nice Jorge!!! Realy nice, my fovourite picture of this month! *)

sutharsan - Sep, 16 2006 02:09pm
I really love to see the beautiful sky above the water. Soooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

picasso - Oct, 20 2006 03:10pm
what a beautifule natural colors,looks like pingvines are enjoing the colors together with you as well

susiq - Jan, 10 2007 06:01am
And so the movie 'Happy Feet' begins... LoL.
Beautiful photo!

delfster - Feb, 04 2007 12:02pm
i guess this pics had been seen too many times. yet, i want to have some words... :)
it's amazing.
i can almost hear the love song the penguins are singing.
bravo *****

vlomeli - Feb, 27 2007 04:02pm
Oh my Gosh this is so beautiful... What a moment!

dmainace101 - Mar, 09 2007 05:03am
superb shot! enchanting...

quikflikchiq - Mar, 09 2007 05:03am
i agree with everything that everyone else has said - including it being my favourite photo of the moment

malcinblue - May, 29 2007 12:05pm
superb - caught the moment

dantrenner - Jul, 04 2007 03:07am
Now THAT is quite a picture. Requires just looking at it for a while. Beautiful!

angmokio - Jul, 25 2007 05:07pm
absolutely impressive....i am not the biggest fan of sunsets. But this one is really great.

trekkerman - Nov, 25 2007 01:11pm
quick look the sun is going done !! lol
i thought this pic was amusing the way they all headed towards the sun !!

murrayskinner - Nov, 29 2007 10:11am
Magnificent. The light. I know it was cold yet it looks so warm. I rate it 10 out of 5

rmoss - Feb, 22 2008 08:02pm
They look like tourists ... at the end of the World.

krisek - Feb, 22 2008 08:02pm
This obviously was not taken on Reunion. Where exactly? This however is my favourite picture ever found on GLOBO! You rule!! I cannot believe this has not won POM! Yay!

jorgesanchez - Feb, 24 2008 01:02am
Krzysztof, you are right. This picture was not taken in Reunion, but in Crozet Island, in French Antarctica. But at the time of uploading it, Crozet was not in Globo data. Now, I fear that it is too late to remove it to the geographical position. That is why I indicated French Antarctica in the picture title. Anyway, I took in Reunion the boat to Crozet.

achalek - Mar, 25 2008 08:03pm
That picture is great. I am truly fascinated.

basia - Apr, 18 2008 08:04pm
beautiful photo. (6)

plancarpin - Aug, 04 2008 12:08pm
elle est completement dingue ta photo! on dirait des baigneurs qui attendent le feu d'artifice au soleil couchant!
bravo amigo mio!
combien de temps de mer pour aller a Crozet depuis la Reunion? tu etait avec le bateau des TAAF?

jorgesanchez - Aug, 04 2008 01:08pm
Jean Philippe, merci pour ton bénévole commentaire.
Le voyage, aller / retour, prends 30 jours : Réunion, Crozet, Kerguelen, Saint Paul, Amsterdam, Réunion. Oui, j’ai pris le bateau des TAAF, avec l’hélicoptère. Ça a été une expérience inoubliable.
Jette un coup d’œil mon report :

plancarpin - Aug, 07 2008 11:08am
dis ta photo me hante... je la regarde sans me leve pas encore la nuit, mais presque.. c'est grave, docteur? ;-)
juste pour savoir: tu shootes a quelle distance du premier pingouin? zoom ou pas? je vois pas tes exif... encore pas une destination pour moi..j'ai deja le mal de mer rien qu'en pensant aux 30 jours à monter et descendre...

gloriajames - Nov, 13 2008 06:11am
oh jorge............... i have already commented on this pic... but nonethless i must still add that after 3 years, its still my most fav pic! oh....u shld email me a copy... i can use it as a wallpaper!! (";). btw... why not load it again in its correct location name, and who knows it could win POM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jorgesanchez - Nov, 13 2008 12:11pm
Gloria, thanks for your comments and suggestions. But it is too late to change the location. At the time I posted it there were not in Globo data the Antarctica islands Kerguelen, Crozet, Saint Paul and Amsterdam. Furthermore, I do not want to lose the so many pleasant comments on the pic!

pacchis - Jan, 04 2009 05:01pm
Perfecta !! increible! absolutamente especial! Una foto unica por lo pinguinos y por la composicion! thumbs up 4 this! ^_^

aufgehts - Jan, 28 2009 11:01pm
Well Jorge, sometimes I'm a little slow in viewing the best pics on Globo. Mea culpa. There is very little that I can add to the accolades on this most amazing photograph. And not a POM? Incroyable! Though late, I'm glad I discovered your arresting pic. And I agree with Gloria's statement above!

porto - Jan, 29 2009 06:01am
Wow, wow and wow!Spectacular!

pesu - Feb, 08 2009 06:02am
Since I joined Globo 6 months ago I watch this pic again and again - I am sure it will be one of my beloved favourites for ever. :)

porto - Feb, 25 2009 12:02pm
Tony,I noticed that you congratulated Jorge on his excellent pics,well how about this one?

jacko1 - Feb, 25 2009 04:02pm
Hold on Fred! I was getting round to it, marvellous Pic!!!

porto - Feb, 25 2009 05:02pm
Yes Tony, the amount of nice comments on this one I think a new dictionary is required!

annagreg - Oct, 03 2009 03:10am
This is incredible sunset scene!

mistybleu - Mar, 02 2010 11:03am
I still love this picture; it is a shame I can't rate it again.

pesu - Mar, 02 2010 11:03am
YES! It is one of my everlasting favourites, too!

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