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Photo album by jorgesanchez: Around North America in eighty days

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Around North America in eighty days

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I hope that you will like this album. It is a resume of my 80 days on the road, with little money but with great desire to know the world and learn. Saint Augustine, that great Father of the Church, said that: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page”. Well, I want to read the whole book, which is why I travel. In fact, my plans were other. I had no intention to travel to Canada, but I could not get to the Darien gap to cross the impenetrable jungle with a machete. Then I changed plans and headed to the Magnetic North Pole. I never plan everything seriously and rapidly change my mind. I only spent money in hotels twice: the first one in Veracruz, because I was happy to visit that historical city with a history so related with Spain, and had oysters for dinner with beers Corona. Anyway, I only paid 200 pesos for a three stars hotel. I used to sleep in the bus and visit places during the day. When I needed a shower I just paid 2 dollars in some stations. Some times I had showers in waterfalls (especially in Canada). The second night was in Ocean Beach, close to San Diego. I had an appointment with a great traveller (Bill Altaffer) and I did not want to meet him at the Salvation Army. So, I paid 15 US Dollars for a bed in a dormitory of a Youth Hostel. The rest of the night were spent in the nature or, sometimes (Iqaluit) in Salvation Army’s, because in Nunavut the cheapest hotel cost 220 dollars. I hitch hiked over 3000 kilometres. In USA I bought a Greyhound explorer pass, also valid for Canada, but in Quebec, Labrador, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick I hitchhiked. Some days I only ate the breakfast offer (just 4 dollars) in a Tim Hortons fast food restaurant. Some times people invited me or gave me food. And many times I just fastened (I am used to fast several days in a row). Hasta la vista!

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