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Photo album by jorgesanchez: By felucca from Luxor to Aswan

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By felucca from Luxor to Aswan

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During my first visit to Egypt I entered a Coptic Monastery called Baramus, in the desert, between Cairo and Alexandria. When some time later I left it I headed south because I wanted to make an original journey as the monks had suggested me, from Luxor to Aswan in felucca through Esna, Edfu and Kom Ombo. It took me five days and five nights, and it was an unforgettable experience. In order to afford the price I visited several backpackers’ hostels and gathered nine foreigners (two Germans, three French and four girls from Reykjavik) to share the expenses. We left one evening with the sky completely filled with stars shining like diamonds in blue velvet. We could not sleep because of the emotion that we felt when thousands of migratory birds flew over our heads, and the Iceland girls that loved to dance on board day and night. We stopped for food in the villages, or bought milk to the peasants of the Nile, and often I had to climb the palm trees to catch dates for the group because I was the more agile and thinner of them (at that time I was vegetarian). I always travel very light; my bag never exceeds 2 kilos weight and I use it as pillow, as seat, or as sombrero when the sun is very hot. I never carry travel guides (I prefer to discover the countries by myself or by asking to the locals), and no photo apparatus (I do not even know how to use them!). That is why the following pictures are not mine, but given to me by my companions during that marvellous trip. Sorry for the quality; I understand that they are not by far at the level of other albums that I have seen in Globo (especially the extraordinary Egyptian albums of gloriajames, which inspired me), but I think that the most important, and what I want to convey, is the spirit of that lovely journey in a wonderful country.

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