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Diamonds Are'nt forever's by kanuman

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information about turkey  AntalyaTurkey, Antalya
taken from antalya, turkey. i was part of 80 memebr team from india visitng turkey.
Uploaded: Apr, 03 2006 | Taken: Mar, 29 2006| Viewed: 227 times  | 32 votes

joe_schmidt - Apr, 03 2006 04:04pm
Nice shot, but not really related to travel these days. (Mabe in some years. ;-) ) Could win a prize on a photographer's site.

rangutan - Apr, 03 2006 04:04pm
Kanu, like Joe, David once doubted the usefulness of 'sun' pics. The sun & moon are absolutely important for travelling showing us the way, giving us warmth, the moon that too at night and its romance

rangutan - Apr, 03 2006 04:04pm
Joe, some people spend hundreds to travel there, some even spend thousands to chase the eclipse on specially chartered jets. I will too because iVe seen TWO such TOTAL eclipses and want to again!

gloriajames - Apr, 04 2006 05:04am
I have always loved to watch an eclipse but in my lifetime i only managed to see one. Must compliment u on this excellent shot! 5*

madness - Apr, 04 2006 08:04am
This was my second eclipse experience, and the third one will be 54 years later in Turkey. So maybe I can watch at that time maybe standing with a walking stick..:)

kanuman - Apr, 04 2006 08:04am
well the inspiration for me to travel to turkey was the solar eclipse, i dont know if i would ever have travelled to turkey otherwise.this was my 3rd and waiting for the next one in 2009 in india..!!!

st.vincent - Apr, 04 2006 05:04pm
An outstanding photo, well captured

madness - Apr, 06 2006 04:04pm
we have a lot of beautiful and interesting places that will inspire you Kanu, you will be welcome for your second visiting, take care..

leillli - Apr, 20 2006 08:04am
wonderfull:)how did you take it!!

pottendorfer - Apr, 24 2006 10:04am
It look so real that I am worried that I am staring at it with naked eyes :))Beautiful,wonderbar(German).

frenchfrog - Apr, 24 2006 11:04am
It is just perfect! well done!

davidx - Apr, 24 2006 12:04pm
Perhaps I might be permitted to speak for myself. I agree with Isabelle [French Frog] This is just perfect.

morc66 - May, 08 2006 05:05am
... ok, the pic looks great! but...
how many of these do you find on the internet?

Sorry guys, i disagree on quality etc. I will not give ***** for this.

downundergal - May, 11 2006 01:05am
Wow - that is an awesome pic!

kanuman - May, 16 2006 10:05am
thanks a ton guys for all your messages, i dint even realize that my photogrpah is being appreciated untill i received a mesage from rangutan.this was a pleasant surprise and really motivating.thanxs.

cool_imad - Jul, 24 2006 06:07am
This is really a great capture...

dantrenner - Oct, 18 2006 12:10pm
Excellent! This is a tought shot to get and you waited for just the right moment. Very good. Thanks for sharing.

susiq - Jan, 10 2007 11:01am
And to think in the ancient past, an eclipse was a really bad omen.... Fantastic shot!

krisek - Feb, 13 2008 01:02pm
How did you do that? I tried photographing eclipses but could never quite catch the diamond ring. Your picture is perfect!

rangutan - Feb, 13 2008 01:02pm
Krys, the orbits of the Moon and Earth around the Sun are not perfectly circular but elliptical so the apparent size of the Moon and Sun will vary for every total eclipse giving different effects.

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